Timing Belt Breakage: What to Do


What are the signs of a torn timing belt? 

You can easily identify the sign of a broken timing belt with a metal knock under the hood and when the engine starts to rotate with a starter.

Such breaks can occur abruptly and without any symptoms – the engine immediately stalls, and no one will be able to start it. For example, if you were driving along the road, everything was fine, and suddenly your car stalls, do not rush to fight with the starter. Start with checking the insides of checking – the timing belt might have broken. While scrolling with the starter, you can quickly “sentence the valve”. Moreover, the more attempts you make, the more chances to get bent.

A cliff without consequences – is this possible? 

However, each case is very different. There are 8-valve cars where the valve bends whenever the timing belt breaks, and there are 16-valve cars where they do not tend to bend. You can easily determine the number of the valves by going through your engine’s manual or by visiting a car repair online in Hyderabad. 

How to reach the service safely? 

The safest and easiest option is to call a tow truck. However, there is not always such an opportunity; either a long wait greets you, or it is costly. Towing? Perhaps, but on condition. If during the malfunction, your engine does not bend the valve at the instance when timing belts break and you have a mechanic nearby, you can tow it in second gear without starting the engine. However, keep in mind that you will not be able to apply brakes – the engine itself will brake.

If your car engine bends the valve, you will not be able to tow in gear. Moreover, it will be dangerous to pull since there will be no brakes at all, except for the hand break. In such cases, it is recommended to wait for a tow truck.

Breakage prevention 

Now will leave you with some tips that can help you avoid breaking the timing belt:

Always regularly service your car following the correct regulations (60-100 thousand kilometers). Remember that a cliff can always appear without warning.

Periodically keep a check on the condition of the drive elements. If the state is not very good on the run of 20 thousand, then we change it after 20 thousand. It is also not recommended to rub it against the casing or have traces of oil. If you notice such issues, do not hesitate to call doorstep car service in Hyderabad.

Always choose quality car spare elements. While choosing a good timing drive, do not forget to use suitable quality pumps and rollers. Also, keep in mind that cheap Chinese spare parts are all over the place.  With the original timing kit, you can easily minimize the risk of running into a cliff.

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