The significance of various gemstones


Since centuries, gemstones have been related to the horoscope of a person and are said to bring good luck. Gemstones may be precious or semi-precious and each has its own significance. People wear them according to their beliefs or when they are recommended by an astrologer. When worn correctly a gemstone has the power to change your life for the better in many ways. Let us study the significance of a few gemstones.

Neelam or the Blue Sapphire – Blue sapphire, which is also known as Neelam, is a natural gemstone. Its main component is corundum and other small pieces of other metals that gives the gemstone its dazzling and attractive blue color. Sapphire is one of the most valuable gemstone amongst the other two precious gemstones-Ruby and Emerald. Sapphire is one of the most costly gemstones in the world and is not easily available. It is said to make a profound impact on the wearers luck and course of life. Sapphire is also referred to as the ‘stone of wisdom’ and its name is derived from the Persian word ‘Safir’ meaning blue. A powerful and impactful gemstone, the blue sapphire must be worn only under the guidance of a gemstone pundit. This is one stone that must not be worn until and unless specifically recommended by an astrologer. Neelam is said to bring mental peace to the wearer along with many financial benefits. It is one of the most effective gemstone amongst all the planetary gemstones. Astrology says thatBlue sapphire shows its efficacy within 3 minutes, 3 hours, 3 seconds or 3 days. When the stone positively impacts the wearer, it is said to resolves major issues, offer tranquility of the mind and soul, cures anxiety and depression and bestows clarity of thought. Neelamalso cures depressive psychosis, alcoholism and physical sicknesses. However, if the stone impacts you in a malefic way, it could cause you accidents, fights, or major financial loss. Also, after wearing the gemstone, the wearer will get dreams and he/she may decide to continue earing the stone or not as per the quality of the dream.

Pukhraj or the yellow sapphire – Known as the safest of all gemstones, this yellow sapphire is ruled by the solar system’s biggest and most powerful planet, Jupiter and thus it has dominating potentialities.To know the authenticity of the gemstone, heat the stone and if it appears like the shape of setting sun, it means your gemstone is real. The color of a Real pukhraj stone is Yellow, bright or lemon. The stone offers numerous benefits to the wearer, the most important one beingfinancial benefits. It brings goodhealth, success and fame to the wearer. The gemstone helps treatlack of concentration, and mild mental disorders. The yellow sapphire should only be worn on Thursday, on the index finger of the right hand.As it is ruled by Jupiter, the stone never harms the wearer.

Manik or Ruby – gemstone pundits generally recommend a person to wear Ruby when he is seeking financial prosperity. This is because Ruby helps remove financial troubles, offers prosperity, financial stability, and fame and name. Ruby gemstones are beneficial to those who wish to be at top positions at work. Ruby also helps treat health issues suchas BP, diabetes, jaundice, piles, cholera, and problems of the heart, eye and brain. Ruby must be worn on the ring finger only on a Sunday. If the sun is positioned favorably in your birth chart, you may lead a financially blissful life. Apart from this, Ruby isalso a symbol of love and passion, thereby helping to improve your love and sex life, and strengthen the bond with your loved ones. It alsoenhances your concentration, anddetermination/ you are more likely toget very good marks in competitive exams after wearing Ruby and so usually students, lawyers, doctors, farmers, politicians and government officials wear this gemstone. It is said that Ruby greatly benefits those who are born between August 16 and September 17 and to those who are born on first, tenth and twenty-eighth date of any month.

Panna or emerald –The dazzling green color is what gives the emerald its uniqueness. Ruled by planet Mercury, this precious gemstone, which is a favorite of many, shows a number of metaphysical properties. However, there are procedures to follow while wearing a panna ring, to derive maximum benefits from it.It is recommended that while wearing a panna stone, you should sit, on a green colored cloth, facing the northeast direction. If advised, the emerald should be worn only on a Wednesday on the little finger.Just like other gemstones, the emerald too has its own significance. The emerald offers good health to the wearer. And not only this, the gemstone also makes the person intelligent, clever and wise.  The wearer of emerald sees financial prosperity and thus an increase in property. It is also believed to improve fertility and chances of conceiving and thus blesses the wearer with children. The gemstone offers protection from snake bites, and also safeguards the person from all types of evil influences. Emerald is also considered to help improve eyesight. This gemstone also helps cure anxiety, depression and insomnia. Although, you must keep in mind that a blemished Panna or Emerald can cause injuries, bring ill omen, sadness, misery and cause physical and mental distress to the wearer.Do not forget to regularly clean the ornament in which the panna is studded so that it does not lose its effectiveness. After a few years if you wish you may change the ring after seeking guidance from the astrologer.

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