Things You Need To Know About Duty-Free Shopping


Are you new to the international travel world? If yes, then you may probably not know about duty-free. The shops duty-free are located in different ports, cruise ships, border towns, international airports, and on the board of international flights.

Some travelers prefer to stock items that they can purchase only when crossing international borders or flying outside any foreign country. In this way, they go to any shop duty-free. Do you need any help navigating a duty-free shopping world?

Our guide contains all the important information that will help you to make great savings whenever you travel internationally. Here are the things you should know about duty-free.

Duty-Free Shopping

Duty-free refers to any occasion when you can purchase the specific items of your choice without paying additional taxes, including sales, import, and value-added tax. You can call the shops duty-free the ‘staples of airports.’

Retailers sell the products duty-free with some famous items on sale like fragrances, alcohol, tobacco, luxury fashion accessories, confectionery, electronics, and much more. 

You will be charged for some standard taxes of the hosting country when you go shopping abroad. Regular shops charge you for these taxes. However, there are specific situations when you don’t have to pay taxes. 

It includes buying anything during the cruise ship voyages, purchasing your favorite items at sea terminals, or buying goods during international flights. Tax rules also do not apply when you buy goods at international airports. Just like in Dubai Airport lounges.

Working Process Of Duty-Free Shopping

‘Duty’ refers to the tax you have to pay when you bring any product across international borders. For example, if you purchase a bottle of wine from Canada and bring it back to France, you might have to pay the amount of tax to both countries.

The good thing is that most governments do not charge the tax when customers purchase products while leaving their country. In this way, travelers do not pay extra money twice. Shops duty-free cater to such customers who are going to leave their country.

You can purchase these duty-free items only when you cross into new terrorism or depart from your country. These goods are allowed to be purchased for export only. Customers have to take these goods out of the country where they are purchased.

Therefore you don’t have to pay tax in the country where you purchase items from the duty-free shops. But the products could be more expensive in some cases as it depends on geography and currency exchange rates.

You can claim a refund of the tax if you have purchased anything from the stores near international zones.

Is Duty-Free Shopping Expensive Or Cheaper?

Duty-free items that are free of tax are cheaper as compared to the items of regular retail stores. Compare the prices before purchasing anything from duty-free shops. If you can buy the items at the same price, then go back to your home.

If you are visiting a large airport, then you will find many shops duty-free. The disparity of price exists between these stores, so it’s worth shopping around if you have free time.

Does Duty-Free Shopping Save Your Money?

Duty-free shopping can save a great amount of money, but it depends on different factors. These factors include the local exchange rates and types of items you are going to purchase. It means that duty-free shopping leads to a good amount of savings.

You should know how to make the right purchase. Know about the prices of every item that is available back home. Don’t purchase the items that are available locally at low prices. Compare prices among the different stores duty-free.

What Duty-Free Shops Offer?

Focus on purchasing the items duty-free that are expensive outside. It includes designer fragrances, liquor, and tobacco. You can also purchase a wide range of beauty products, cosmetics, outlets, high-end accessories, and luxury fashion items such as handbags from duty-free shops.

Most countries offer a similar line-up of goods in duty-free shops, although the products vary from place to place. Do a little research before your arrival at the airport to know about the available items. 

It helps you to make a good choice quickly. Purchase the items wisely of your preference and compare the prices always to make good purchases. Visit the website of Duty-Free if you want to get more information about them.

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