What are Reiki and Tarot: How they can work hand in hand!


When it comes to spiritual healing, every healer is as different as the person needing healing. Different  techniques can be employed to heal a single problem depending on what works for a person and what  not, ultimately finding what works the best. These healing techniques include guiding sessions like Tarot  Card reading, Energy Healing sessions like Reiki, readings from Akashic Records, and Crystal healing.

Sometimes two or more techniques are merged to get a better intuitive guidance and heal the person  by addressing the energy blocks and removing them session by session. Tarot cards when read while employing Reiki can serve the dual purpose of increasing the sense of self-worth while illuminating the  path ahead.

If you intend to foray professionally into spiritual healing, connect with the great teachers who have the  intuition for true guidance and experience to design the courses thoughtfully. Like you can join tarot  card reading classes online or any other course like Reiki and employ both to get better results to heal  and guide those who are in need.

What’s Tarot 

A set of 78 cards combining 22 Major Arcana and 56 Minor Arcana cards spread in various patterns to  offer insights that sometimes have power to change the perspective of the query-maker. Some situation  are deemed unfavorable can return massive gifts of life along with loads of life lessons. So much could  be achieved in the way a reading is made.

Cards in themselves are not positive and negative. Sometimes their position and the other times the  way they come up can make the reader see obstacles and issues towards whatever the person is trying  to achieve. However, a positive lookout can set the tone for the way ahead and open the mind of the  seeker to newer possibilities which earlier (s)he wasn’t able to see.

What’s Reiki

The Japanese technique of energy healing by removing negative blocks are experienced by many and is  known to be making the other person feel light and calm as though immense load has been lifted off  their shoulders and thus the life. They are better able to take clear-headed decisions that are to leave a  serious impact on their as well as life of their loved ones.

Reiki works by removing the stuck up energy that is paining the person and he or she is not able to move  forward in their lives. Those who perform Reiki healing believe to be guided by their guiding angels, or  spirits that take care of everything in Nature.

1 plus 1 is equals to 11: Tarot and Reiki

One can say that Reiki ensures a healthy mind, body and spirit in as many sessions as needed. Tarot can  function as complementary by empowering the person to be able to pursue what he wished and  address any obstacle without getting demotivated towards life and thus creating a negative block in the  process.

The two spiritual techniques can open the doors that seemed to be forever closed. Become a certified  Tarot Cards Reader by studying tarot online in these times of pandemic and make the best use of your  time and money. For Reiki surf through the courses available online and see which one clicks most. You

might need to take several at a length of time to get the golden nuggets from each one of them but a  great guru can end your quest anytime you chance upon her.

See what works for you best and dive deep into the world of spiritual healing!

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