How To Start A Cleaning Company


Check the local licensing requirements to start your own Charlotte cleaning company. You may need a business license, insurance, and bonding.

Jan-Pro serves homeowners in Charlotte and surrounding areas. Its staff performs recurring and one-time deep cleaning tasks. They dust and wipe down surfaces in kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms, and more.

Customer Service

Jan-Pro Charlotte is known in the region for its credibility and convenience in house cleaning services. Their crew members undergo extensive vetting and training upon hiring, use eco-friendly cleaning products, and provide a flexible scheduling service. They’re also bonded and insured for your safety.

The company’s team helps homeowners maintain a tidy living space with their cleaning services, which include sweeping, mopping, wiping surfaces, and vacuuming floors. They clean kitchens and bathrooms, dust shelves, remove cobwebs from doors and sills, and organize storage spaces. They can also clean windows and vacuum carpets.

The maids on Jan-Pro are locals who understand what it means to live in Charlotte. They know the area and how cleaning needs change throughout the seasons. They’re committed to hygienic surfaces and sparkling glass and will make your home shine. They also offer extras like oven cleaning and fridge cleanouts.


Cleaning is a chore that’s often difficult to keep up with. Keeping your home tidy can improve health, increase productivity, and reduce stress. A professional Charlotte cleaning company can help you clean and organize your home. They will remove cobwebs from lights and sills, vacuum carpeting, sanitize bathrooms, and polish furniture. Moreover, they will dust off books, organize closets and drawers, declutter pots and pans in your kitchen, and wash dishes and linens.

Jan-Pro offers residential and Charlotte cleaning company services. Its staff cleans apartments, homes, and condos and provides one-time and recurring cleaning services. They will sanitize countertops, wipe down sinks and stovetops, clean cabinets, vacuum floors, and sweep and mop carpeting. The company also offers cleaning solutions for offices, schools, gyms, churches, and retail stores. Its staff provides inspection reports, post-cleaning pictures, and completion timestamps. They will also dispose of trash and disinfect fixtures. Moreover, they can clean windows and pressure wash sidewalks and porches.


The reputational attributes of a Charlotte cleaning company are an essential factor in attracting and maintaining customers. These attributes include vetting prospective clients thoroughly, asking for reviews, and handling negative criticism. Today’s consumers are savvier than ever and are unafraid to share their experiences with companies.

Jan-Pro serves individuals throughout Charlotte and nearby communities. Its team offers janitorial services to help businesses improve their work environment and productivity. It also provides one-time and regular deep cleaning packages for residential properties. Its cleaning professionals can clean bathrooms, kitchen fixtures, furniture, and moldings.

Charlotte Cleaners on Jan-Pro provides professional, affordable maid services to make your home shine. They are committed to hygienic surfaces, sparkling glass, and squeaky-clean mirrors. They can even take care of extras, such as oven cleaning and fridge cleanouts. Jan-Pro’s extensive range of cleaners is certified, background-checked, and ready to be booked. They compete for your business so that you can get sharper prices than anywhere else.

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