Here are A Few Things You should Know Before Purchasing Plywood


Making a home of your choice is not an easy task. You have to select the correct materials to create the home of your dreams. While selecting materials, you should conduct thorough research. The choice of materials can make a huge difference in the house. You can change your entire home by using the right materials.

Plywood as Material of Choice

Plywood is one such material that every homeowner prefers. Architects, interior designers, and builders consider it as a popular construction material. It is a core material for various types of furnishing. The plywood industry has undergone several changes in terms of tech. There have been improvements in the grade of the material. Costs have been gradually lowered. Techniques have been improved.

Confusion While Purchasing Plywood

There is a wide variety of plywood sheets available for customers. Because there is so much to choose from, there is also confusion. What are the key features of plywood that an average buyer should look for? What kind of plywood is perfect for a specific room? How can one judge the quality of plywood sheets online? This article seeks to answer all these questions.

Introduction to Plywood

Plywood is a man-made wooden material made from core veneers and panel veneers. These panels are glued to each other in high temperature and pressure conditions. Plywood manufacturers popularly call it ply. Its structure consists of parts arranged on top of each other like stacks.

What Does Buying Plywood Online Require?

If you are buying plywood on the internet, then you must check for the following features:

  • Variety of plywood also called plywood grade
  • Resistance to borers and termites
  • Certificate of warranty
  • Certificate of quality and safety
  • Certification of strength
  • Capacity to hold nails
  • The density of the ply

Let us look at some of these features in detail:

Plywood Quality or Grade

Plywood is available in a variety of grades. The grade of plywood depends on where it is being used and for what purpose. Kitchens have high temperature, moisture, smoke, and steam conditions. For that, you should select fire-resistant plywood. If you want plywood for your bathroom, then choose the boiling water proof grade. If you are choosing plywood for the living room, then the usual MR grade or water resistant grade is sufficient.

Capacity to hold nuts and bolts

Plywood must have the capacity to hold nails and screws. Good quality plywood can deal with the pressure of nails being hammered into it. It should be sturdy and not brittle. One way to check for quality is to check the nail holding capacity.

Tests and Certifications

Quality control tests are conducted by companies to match the standards set by the law. Plywood that comes with a trademark is good quality plywood. A good brand will ensure that all these tests are conducted. Strict tests are required to make sure that the material is up to the mark. Top companies conduct their tests and subject their materials to tests by third parties to get unbiased results.

After the plywood clears the test, a certificate of quality is assigned to it. These certificates are often issued by the government and are pretty much the industrial standard.

Types of plywood certificates:

  • Certificate of borer and termite resistance
  • Certificate of eco friendliness
  • Certificate of water resistance
  • Certificate of fire resistance
  • Customers should always look out for these certifications before making any purchase.


Given above was a broad list of characteristics that an average customer should look out for. These features are useful while shopping online and offline.

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