CDC Findings Point To A Minority Of Americans Receiving The New COVID Shots


The most recent survey presented to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s scientific advisors revealed that a small percentage of Americans have received the latest COVID-19 vaccines. As of October 14, slightly more than 7% of adults and 2% of children have been vaccinated. Notably, the uptake remains poor, especially among those at higher risk of severe illness. The survey, encompassing nearly 15,000 people, shows that only one in five individuals aged 75 or above and approximately 15% of those aged 65 to 74 have been vaccinated.

According to C.D.C. data, over 1,200 individuals are dying due to Covid every week. Dr. David Kimberlin, a pediatrician from the University of Alabama at Birmingham, speaking for the American Academy of Pediatrics at the meeting, described it as a tragedy. Dr. Kimberlin likened this weekly loss to the destruction of an entire neighborhood. Around 16,000 individuals were hospitalized with COVID by the week ending Oct. 14, a decrease from nearly 23,000 at the same time last year and significantly less than the over 44,000 hospitalizations in 2021.

Covid-related hospitalizations among adults aged 75 and older are notably higher, with rates two to three times more than those aged 65 to 74. Native Americans, Alaska Natives, and Black Americans exhibit the highest rates of hospitalization. By October 14, less than 1 percent of Native Americans and Alaska Natives, along with 7.6 percent of Black Americans, had been vaccinated. Dr. Camille Kotton, a physician at Massachusetts General Hospital and a C.D.C. advisor, expressed dissatisfaction with the low vaccination rates to BNN Breaking, seeing it as a significant oversight in improving overall health.

Most individuals should have no-cost access to vaccines through private health insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid. Government programs additionally provide free vaccines for underinsured or uninsured children and adults, extending at least until December 31, 2024. Over 380,000 doses have been administered to uninsured individuals at more than 24,000 pharmacies. However, numerous individuals have encountered difficulties finding the vaccine at pharmacies, facing fees or mistakenly being refused. At certain locations, demand surpassing supply has led to appointment cancellations.

Dr. Kotton reported to BNN Breaking that her clinic and similar institutions had recently received vaccine doses, instilling a sense of cautious optimism regarding the potential upswing in immunization rates. The Health and Human Services Department documented that by October 14, 12 million Americans had received vaccinations, which rose to 14.8 million in the subsequent week. In a survey, approximately 36 percent of adults aged 75 and older expressed their definite intention to get the shot, while 26 percent stated they would likely do so or were undecided.

A group of experts argues that the combination of immunity acquired from previous infections and vaccinations is adequate to safeguard most young individuals from severe illness and fatality caused by COVID-19. On September 12, the C.D.C. advised that all individuals aged 6 months and older should get at least one dose of the latest Covid vaccines. At that time, the agency’s advisors unanimously advocated the vaccines for those with a higher risk due to age, race, or health status.

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