5 Must Have Party Supplies for a Memorable Time


Planning a party is outright fun and you get to see the hidden creative side of yours. It might take a week or two or even few days to get your confidence up as a great hostess. The thing about parties is whether you play with the theme, different menu items, decorations, guest list or anything somethings are just common in every party. And to have an idea of the ‘not-to-mitt’ party must haves it is important that you have a go-to party list.

So whether you are planning a bridal shower, a baby shower, a birthday party, a graduation party, wedding party or anything these must haves will make your party planning process much easier.

Party Invitations

Like duh? But party invitations are one of the most overlooked facts about a party. Sounds surprising? Yes it is. According to a research many people don’t get invited until last minute and this fills them with undue and unhealthy resentment towards the host. Even though you have decided a guest list first thing in the day it isn’t until you send the party invites that your guest will feel the spirit and their need to be there. So before you get all chatty with your friends about the party and the planning you are doing let them know they are invited. It’s not wise to assume them to be a part of party and hang them on a thread until you really get the time to send the invitations.

Send Invitations on Time

Moreover, a timely sent invitation also increase the chances of your guests actually making to the party and even get you some gifts (not that we were waiting for it, *wink*),also it will give an impression of being you highly organized and managed since the day even if it is farther from truth.

Lastly the design and type of your invitation has a great impact on the guest’s mind and perception of the party. It’s like a mini disclosure before the party that tells the effort and hard work you are putting in to the event. A properly designed invitation whether via email or hand written ones will make them feel happier. If you have enough time it is advised to send DIY invitations which you can make with party supplies. Or you could also purchase existing ones with smartyhadaparty coupons.

Tables and Table Cloth

What’s over the table matters a lot but if your table is wobbly or does not have a clean table cloth over it then there is no point of the delicious food laden over it. This does not mean you should buy the prettiest table cloth and call it a day but as a matter of fact table cloth and a good table is a representative of your food’s quality. Even though you are using yout own dining table for the party buffet or food display choose a table cloth that goes with the theme of your party. This way you can represent the theme being followed to a great extent. Moreover, it is easier to clean the table cloth rather than a table without any table cloth. Just fold the corners and lift the entire cloth all at once after wrapping up your party. Also, you can buy multiple table clothes from a sale and wash them to use them over and over again.

Drink Bar

The bar of a party is set high with what it offers differently. If you attend parties frequently you must realize how you like a party more than other and how your reasons to like a party are basically “it was different, the food was delicious, the salad bar was great or the refreshments were yum”. Having a drink bar won’t cost you much and we don’t mean a wine and alcohol bar but a place where you and your guests can get all the refreshing drinks and entertain themselves until the food is served. This also ensures your guests do not wait up for the food to be served and a little delay can be tolerated.

Paper Plates and Cups

If your party is not a very formal one where people would get offended by being treated as a child, then there is no better option than opting for paper cups and paper plates. These items not only reduce the mess but make up cleaning almost done. Just gather all the cups and plates at the end and dispose them off properly in the garbage. You won’t even have to go through the process of washing and drying the plates. Also with parties that have children it is not wise to take out your expensive china set and putting it on compromise. More info to visit: http://flagimages.net/

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