5 must-have Australian players in your fantasy team in T20 world cup 2021



If you are a fan of the Australian cricket team and you want to form a fantasy team including the best and top players from the same for the T20 world cup 2021 then you have landed on the best article so far.

Australia has a rich history in the T20 format in the field of cricket, and this remarkable rich history has provided us with some great players to have an unbeatable team in the 2021 ICC T20 World Cup.

Australia has some great talent in T20 cricket with players along with some young talent making the team a great mixed squad with a good mix of spin and pace to complement the skillsets. The Aussie team is one of the best in games and known for challenging their opponents.

They have a number of gems of players consisting of ace batters, powerful bowlers and all-rounders that have spread-eagled other teams on the pitch. As of 2021, the team is ranked at 7 position worldwide by the International Cricket Council(ICC).

The list here has names of some best and must-have players to be in your fantasy team for T20 world cup 2021:

Aaron Finch

He is the captain of the Australian cricket team for limited-overs cricket. He is the record holder for two of the three highest individual scores. He is the first player to reach a ranking of 900 points on ICC rankings.

Finch is known to be a passionate batsman who has the attitude of winning for every match the team plays, so this player should be your priority while choosing an Australian player for the fantasy team.

Pat Cummins

He is the vice-captain of the Aussie team, who plays this role in every cricket format. He is counted as one of the fastest bowlers in the cricket industry. He is also known for cracking wickets of the opponents in the blink of an eye.

For choosing a bowler for your fantasy team Pat Cummins can be trusted without any second thoughts.

Glenn Maxwell

He is one of the finest team members in the squad. He is known for his powerful hitting and boundaries which makes him a suitable choice for your team.

He has set many records and has delivered some commendable innings that have resulted in remarkable wins. His career graph has made it possible for him to get listed in the squad of best players in the world.

David Warner

The name is enough to remind how great of a player he is, one of the best batsmen in the world of cricket. If you are a true cricket fan you will definitely invest in him because of his skills in some of the greatest matches he has played.

He is the former captain of the Aussie team and is known for his thriving skills as an opening batsman. He has managed to make his team win in some harsh situations.

Steve Smith

Acknowledged as the best batsman of all time, Smith has been compared with some famous legends of the cricket field for his excellent batting skills. The Aussie team had won many matches under his successful guidance as a captain.

He has made several records through his fast batting skills and his name is counted along with some of the fastest batsmen to reach this level. So, it is quite clear that his name has to be there on the list of your fantasy team.


When you are looking to have some best Australian players in your fantasy cricket team in the T20 world cup, the above article is full of someĀ  skilled players along with important pieces of information about these players who should be included to win the trophy and you can perfectly rely on it.

As the cricket season starts, cricket lovers all around the world start discussing the names they would have included if they had a chance to make their team. The 5 names mentioned above are of some of the best Australian players who are said to be the greatest of all time and step on the field to win that T20 cup.

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