5 Effective And Practical Ways To Improve Your Rebounding Skills


Basketball rebounding skills are essential for any shooter basketball on the court. If you can’t catch a ball, it’s hard to score points! Whether you’re trying to improve your shooting or rebounding skills using basketball shooting drills, some things will make it easier. This blog post will go over what basketball rebound skills are, why they’re important and how you can learn them effectively.

Why do you need to learn about rebound skills?

The simple reason is that they’ll help you get better at the way you shoot basketball-even if just by allowing shots in general. Suppose you want to be a shooter, one of the first steps in learning how to shoot correctly and then practicing every day for 30 minutes (at least). You also don’t have to shoot without knowing where everybody else is going to go, as well as keeping track of what spots they end up taking once their defender gets into position.

Another benefit of rebounding skills is that they can help you keep the ball away from opposing players. The more time a player has to catch up with your shot, the fewer opportunities they have to take advantage of their height or strength against yours.

Effective ways to practice and improve your rebound skills

  • Practice your shooting form every day for at least 30 minutes. To practice, start by holding the ball with both hands and keeping your elbows close to your body during a basketball shoot game.
  • Watch videos of professional players online to help identify what you need to work on. Not only can this be a great way to learn new skills, but it also gives you an idea of how good NBA pros are.
  • Hold the ball with both hands and keep your elbows close to your body when shooting– To practice, start by holding the ball with both hands and keeping your elbows close enough that they don’t go past 90 degrees (this is important because if they do, then it’ll make it harder to block shots).
  • Keep your eyes focused on the rim during a shot, not the backboard or floor.This tip helps because it helps you to know where the rim is.
  • If you have trouble catching rebounds, try jumping off one foot instead of two feet – this will make it easier for you to catch the rebound and bounce it back up quickly so that your team can score!
  • Remember that rebounding is about putting yourself in a position to catch the ball-don’t be afraid to take risks. Taking risks is the main difference between a shooter and a rebounder. If you’re standing there, chances are the ball will bounce to another player who probably isn’t in a position to get it back up quickly or catch it cleanly.

Rebound mistakes to avoid

With that being said, there are still inevitable basketballs shooting games mistakes to avoid when going for a rebound.

  • Not being aggressive in pursuit of the ball. This mistake is pretty self-explanatory. You will be more likely to get the rebound if you are running toward it instead of waiting for it at its current location. However, with tools like Dr. Dish basketball shooting machine, you can get better at this.
  • Staying boxed out. If an opponent is boxing you out, make sure you know where they are so that when the ball does come off the rim, there is a better chance someone on your team can grab it before your opponent can muscle in front of them and stick their hands straight up. This also makes getting open by using screens easier since defenders won’t have time to help box players out after cutting through or setting screens.
  • Not making contact with the opponent. You can block your opponent’s view of the ball by getting in their face and forcing them to see around you. This is especially helpful when another person on your team has managed to grab the rebound already.
  • Not keeping hands up while boxing out. If you are too close, it may be harder for teammates who have grabbed the loose basketball coming off of the rim after a missed shot to pass it back to you if they don’t know where you are located at that moment. Remain alert so there won’t be any confusion or giving turnovers during this part of the play.
  • Not maintaining a strong base under one foot while boxing out. A good shooter will usually get two points per possession, whether they sink all three free throws or get the rebound and shoot another shot.
  • Grabbing the rebound with one hand while boxing out. When you are not able to get the rebound, do your best to help box out so that teammates can grab it instead of opponents. This will help to ensure the best chance for your team to score.


If you want to be an efficient basketball player who can help your team score, you need to improve your rebounding skills. The biggest takeaway from these tips is that practice makes perfect if you want to be good at something! Practice every day outside of games by imagining yourself getting rebounds against other players like LeBron James. This way, once you are ready for competitive play, there won’t be any confusion or passing turnovers during this part of the play because you’ve already imagined how successful it would go beforehand. Also, find what the Dr. Dish shooting machine price is to better plan for it, as it is one of the modern tools to improve your rebound and shooting skills.

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