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The flag is the representation of the country. A flag is a kind of proud for the citizen. A waving flag shows the country freedom.

How many Stars are on the American Flag?

USA flag includes stars and red and white lines or stripes. These stars are placed on the top left of the flag. The counting of the stars is based on the number of states in the United States. During 1777 when this flag is designed there are 13 states and the flag also consists of 13 stars. With the passage of time as the number of states increased the count of stars also increased in the flag. And in 2015 the counts reached to 50 stars. After these stars discuss let’s discuss different colors of the flag. Firstly, come to the red color stripes in the  America flag.

What does the American flag stand for?

This red color represents the hard work and courage. Along with red stripes, there is white color also. The white color is the symbol of pureness and innocence. The starts are included in the blue color background. This blue color represents justice, preservation, and attentiveness.

USA flag


USA flag is adopted on 4th July 1960. And the proportion of this flag is 10:19 that means the flag length is 10 and breath is 19. 4th July is the independent day of USA (United States of America). On this day the flag is waved and without Country’s flag Independence Day can’t be celebrated. To show your respect and love towards your country a salutation to the flag is given. Along with this national anthem is sung by every citizen. In this article I will discuss a different kind of USA flags. As with the advancement of technology you can use versatile kind of USA flag and access them with the help of internet.

USA Flag/American Flag Meaning

Black and White American flag

Black and White American flag

USA flag defines its meaning in the form of colors, stripes, and stars. As I discussed the importance of each color and stars so on the basis of importance the USA flag means hardiness, courage, pureness, justice, and innocence of all the states of the country.



You can draw picture of american flag by yourself also. If you are familiar with the paint option of the operating system, then there are many option you can use and draw a PNG image of USA flag as well. Here, I am listing below the PNG image you can take help of this image as well to draw USA flag image by yourself. I assure you when you will draw image by your own efforts you will feel proud to yourself.

USA Flag Image


If you want to have a image of USA flag then you are at right place here, I will provide you various kind of USA flag images. You can directly download these flag images and these images are present on the internet for free of cost. And the images of USA flag are available in different shapes so you can choose any kind of image as per your choice.

USA Flag Emoji


Emojis are nothing but animated images of the particular things, which we can use for chat or writing content or making posts along with these emojis to give an impressive and impactful look to our writings. Similarly as we use smiley, we have flags also in the emoji category. The new trend now a day is extending is chatting and messaging. There is various kinds of Emojis present to make your chat impressive. In these emojis section there is one category of flags also. You can find tremendous flags of numerous countries in this section. There is USA flag also available. Here, I will also share below the emoji of USA flag.

USA Flag Stars


You have seen many stars on the USA flag and there might be question arises in your mind that how many stars on the USA flag and whether these stars symbolise something or not. Well, the answer of all these questions is yes, these stars symbolizes something. These stars represent the states of the America. You have noticed that form the beginning to till now the counting of stars has been increased this is because the number of status in the country is increased in the beginning it was 13 and now it has crossed 50.

Flag of USA


There is variety of shapes available for the flag of USA. You can opt any of these. And use them to show your love and affection towards your country. The flag is the honor of the country. Now a day everyone can hold a national flag along with them as there is no barrier of getting the flag and where to place it. You can safely hold the flag in your systems. No need to worry about disrespect of the cloth made flag. Here, I have listed a different kind of flags of USA you can also choose any from here as well.

USA Flag vector


Vector is used to make proper image or icons of the USA flag. You just need to be aware of all the aspects of the flag. The vector is used to make Photoshop image. There are varieties of Vector images of USA flag also available in the internet you can take help of this image as well. No need to go for someone expert in building vector images. And also there are various kind of tools and software are available you can take help of these to build the image by yourself also.

USA Flag Wallpaper

If you want to have a wallpaper image of USA flag, then there are thousands of options available for this. You can any of these wallpapers. All these wallpapers are so eye-catching and attractive as well. And the good thing is they all are free of cost so if you want to replace of an image after some time then you can replace the wallpaper as per your desire for later on time also.

USA flag Clip Art


You can choose clip art option as well. In the clip art you can also try to make the image of USA flag. There are all the tools and options available to make the exact image of the flag as you want to. I think the best way to show your love and respect towards the country you should give some efforts in drawing the Flag image as well. When you draw the image by yourself you become more aware about the number of stars, stripes colors etc.

USA Flag Icon


Icons are small images of symbols. There is a variety of icon images for USA flag as well. You can get the icons of USA flag very easily from the internet. And here in this article I will also list the icon here; you can use this USA flag icon for your use.

USA Flag waving


Waving flag gives the proud feeling to us. It simply represents the freedom. When the flag is waving we get the free feeling like we are not under some other country. We are independent citizens of this independent country. So, for this if you want to have an image of the Waving USA flag. Then I will also provide you this image as well.

USA flag background


Sometimes we want to have a USA flag image in the background to represent the country in any presentation or doc file or in case of making images also. And the front part is of your desire. Like the citizen of the USA country is walking in front of the image and in the background there is USA flag is shown. There are varieties of cases or situations in which you need to have USA flag image as a background.

USA flag gif


As the technology is improving day by day, there comes GIF (Graphic Interchange Format) option also. GIF is a small video that can be used to show some PPT work or video as well. You can also make a GIF by yourself also. like the GIF can be used to show waving format of the flag. Or you can make GIF by saying I love my country along with USA flag. There are many creative option you can perform using GIF.

So, this is all about the USA flag. Here, in this article, I discussed the meaning, history different types and formats you can use for USA flag. I hope you did like all the concepts and discussion regarding USA flag. Kindly provide me your feedback in the comment section below to show your love, respect and affection for your country and also about this article. Your comments are very much important for me.  As the 4th July is about to come so you can make plans to how to celebrate Independence Day this year. You can make collage by taking all the images of the USA flag also. or can use other options of flag and information and use it in seminars of independence day as well. See I have advised you many other suggestions in the end as well. You can also share your suggestions and your way to show your concern and love for your country in this section. I eagerly wait for your responses.


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