Scotland Flag : Meaning of Scotland Flag

Ever heard of a Lochness Monster??? Yeah I guess you may have heard the term probably. It depicts a creature (real or not??) with a long neck and the structure of a tortoise seen in the waters of Scotland. Lets talk about Scotland Flag.

People believe that these creatures are descendant from dinosaurs. Anyway, we are here not to discuss about a monster that may or may not exist, but we are here to talk about the flag of Scotland. But before that, let us know about Scotland a bit. Scotland is a country that is part of United Kingdom situated North West of England. It covers about one-third of English mainland and has a population of about 5.4 million people. Apart from the Scottish mainland, this country has also about 790 islands in its territory. Enough of the intro let’s talk about Scotland Flag in the next section.

Scotland Flag

Scotland Flag also known as Saltire or The Saint Andrew’s Cross is the official flag and insignia of Scotland. It consists of a white cross against a blue sky. Here sky means the blue background of the flag.

The flag can be flown in any number of days from sunrise to sunset. There is exception in case of national days. In these days Saltire(Scotland Flag ) is lowered and the Union Jack (Flag of United Kindom) is flown. However on Saint Andrew’s Day which is a national holiday in Scotland, only those Buildings which have more than one flag pole can hoist the Union Jack. This means if a building has only one pole, then the Saltire can’t be removed to make way for Union Jack.

Scotland Flag Meaning


Scotland Flag or Saltire consist of a blue background which represents the sky and a white cross which is also known as Andrew’s Cross. Can’t understand?? Let us discuss the Scotland Flag meaning then.

There is a story behind the cross. It is said that in 832 AD, a king of Scotland by the name King Angus led the army on a war with the Angels who were headed by a king named Anthelstan. King Angus and his men got surrounded by every side and prayed for their lives. Then came a Saint named Andrew who was killed on a saltire cross, and assured the Scottish King of their safety. Next morning a white cross was seen on the blue sky which resulted in the defeat of Angels. Since then, the white cross is being depicted on the blue sky on the Scotland Flag.

Scotland Flag Image

Do you want to see how the Scotland Flag looks like?? Here is the Scotland Flag Image. See the white cross and how it is presented on a blue sky? Now you understand the meaning of Scotland Flag. Well if you want to download that image, go ahead.

Scotland Flag Emoji

Have you seen the Scotland Flag Image?  Haven’t seen it? Well if not, then go to upper section. I also have another surprise for you. Here is a Scotland Flag Emoji. Download it if you like.


Scotland Flag Lion

Well Saltire doesn’t contain any lion but the Royal Banner of Scotland does. It is not flown everywhere. Only the royal residences and offices of the traditional government of Scotland are allowed to hoist it.

Scotland Flag Lion was first added to the royal banner by Alexander II in 1222. Later a double border with a set of lilies was added by Alexander III. Since then, it has been same. You can see the Scotland Flag Lion below.


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