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Russia Flag


Ever heard of Russia?? There is a huge chance that you have probably heard about the largest country in the world. Russia covers approximately one-eighth of the total inhabited land area and is home to 144 million people. It has its political and economical roots from the former Soviet Union which was broken in 1991 into 12 separate states giving birth to Russia and its surrounding countries.

Russian Flag is of tri-color design having three horizontal strips of different colors. The colors are white, blue and red respectively. The proportions of the flag are in the ratio of 1:2 i.e. the width of the flag is double its height. The current flag was selected as the official flag of Russian Federation in 1991. The tricolor design is also present in the flags of different countries such as France, Netherlands etc.

Russian Flag Meaning


Russian flag with its present tricolor state doesn’t hold any official meaning. They don’t have any Official Russian Flag meaning so different theories and speculations are present so as to justify the colors of the Flag. Red is associated with communism, which was the core ideology of Soviet Union. White is generally associated with peace (as it is the meaning behind different flags of countries which use white color).Finally Blue is associated with purity. Different opinions are there about the true meaning of colors as the previous definition or explanation given during the designing of the current flag not longer holds true.

The original meaning that was given during the time of Tsar, denotes the colors to different regions i.e. White for White Russia (Belarus), Blue for Lesser Russia (Ukraine) and Red for Greater Russia (or Modern Russia).

Soviet Russian Flag


Soviet Russia followed a communist ideology which is evident in their flag. The flag was derived from the Russian Revolution and was a powerful communist symbol in 20th century. The design involved a red background with a hammer and sickle at the upper left corner. The hammer and sickle represented alliance of workers and peasants; two powerful communities during Russian revolution.

A star is present at the farthest corner which represented the Communist Party of Soviet Union. Soviet Russian Flag was designed in such a way that it presented efficiently the idea of communism to the world.

Old Russian Flag


Various Flags have been used for Russia throughout history .The present day flag is derived from the Old Russian Flag which was used by the Tsar first time. The tricolor consisted of a double headed eagle with a breast plate and golden crowns above each head. Later, the tricolor was used by the merchant flag in rivers in 1705.

Russian Flag Emoji


The emojis are a way of communicating people and are often used to describe things etc. You can download various Russian Flag Emoji to use according to your needs. Want to act like a communist?? Send someone a Russian Flag Emoji!!!!!.

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