Pakistan Flag : Meaning of Pakistan Flag

Pakistan is a country located in South Asia. It has the fifth largest population on earth amounting to about 213 million people. It is surrounded by Afghanistan, China, Iran, Oman, and India. It was a part of main Indian subcontinent along with Bangladesh and was ruled over by the British for approximately 200 years. Pakistan and India gained independence in 1947 after the Indian mainland was divided on the basis of the concentration of Muslim and Hindus, two major religions in the region. Pakistan and India share one of the most sensitive borders on earth and are often involved in conflicts. The relationship between the two countries can be described as sensitive. Pakistan is a developing economy and follows a democratic form of government. It is a diverse country which shares the same cultural and social background as neighbor India. The capital city is Islamabad. Here we will talk about Pakistan Flag and give Pakistan Flag Images.

Pakistan Flag


Pakistan Flag is the official flag of Pakistan. It consists of a green field containing a white crescent moon along with a star. A vertical white strip is also present at the hoist side of the flag. The flag was officially adopted on 11th August 1947, just days before the independence. The current design of the flag is based on the flag used by the All India Muslim League, a freedom fighter organization. The proportions are in the ratio of 3:2.

Pakistan Flag Image


Here we have discussed the history of Pakistan and had a talk about its Flag. Here I will present you a Pakistan Flag Image that you can use.

Pakistan Flag Color


The Pakistan Flag Color can be described as a green field with a white crescent moon and star present on it. The star and the moon are colored white. Also, a vertical strip of white is also present at the hoist side.

Pakistan Flag Meaning


Pakistan Flag has the green field and crescent star and moon. All these things symbolize Islamic Faith and the largest ethnic group that is Muslim. The crescent moon and star individually represent peace and progress. The white stripe represents the diversity of population as well symbolizes the minorities. It sends a message that although the country is made on the grounds of Islam and follows an Islamic faith, it also respects the other religions.

Pakistan Flag Emoji


Here I will give you a Pakistan Flag Emoji.

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