Austria Flag: Meaning of Austria Flag

Austria or Republic of Austria is a country in Central Europe. The country is surrounded by Czech Republic and Germany to the North, Hungary and Slovakia to the east, Slovenia and Italy to the south and Switzerland to the west. It is a landlocked country and has no reachable sea in its land. It became […]

Aruba Flag: Meaning of Aruba Flag

Aruba is an island country present in the Southern Caribbean Sea. It is a constituent country under the rule of Netherlands. It is present near the coast of Venezuela and has a population of around 100,000.The country got its autonomy status in 1986. This means it is not an independent country, it is still under […]

Armenia Flag: Meaning of Armenia Flag

Armenia is a small country in the South Caucasus region of Eurasia. It is bordered by countries like Turkey, Georgia and Azerbaijan etc. It is a landlocked country. It was a unified after the Russian revolution of 1918, and later became a founding member of Soviet Union. It later became independent after breaking of Soviet […]

Argentina Flag : Meaning of Argentina Flag

To all the soccer lovers out there, you will enjoy it. Do you know Lionel Messi? Of course everyone knows the soccer legend. Even if you are not a fan of soccer, you must have heard about him. Anyway, we are here to talk about the country- you guessed right, Argentina. Argentina is a South […]

Angola Flag: Meaning of Angola Flag

Angola is a country in Southern Africa. It is the seventh largest country in the Southern African continent and has a population of about 25 million. It is surrounded by several countries including Namibia, Congo, Zambia and Atlantic Ocean to its west. It was a former Portuguese Colony and and gained independence in 1975. Its […]

Andorra Flag : Meaning of Andorra Flag

Andorra is a very tiny country. It’s so tiny you can’t see it in the world map, much less locate it. It is present between France and Spain. If you try to see it in the world map, and I mean really try to see it (OK, I will not talk about its size again, […]

Algeria Flag : Meaning of Algeria Flag

Algeria is a country situated in North Africa. Also know as People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria, it is has a population of about 40 million. Geographically, it is surrounded northeast by Tunisia, east by Libya, south east by Mali and north by Mediterranean Sea. It covers tenth largest land area in the world and follows […]

Albania Flag : Meaning of Albania Flag

Albania is a small country in the Southeastern Europe with a population of 3 million.  The country follows a parliamentary form of government. The current day Albania emerged in 1912, after the Balkan wars. Before then, the country was a part of Ottoman Empire. It is a relatively tiny country with a small land area. […]

Afghanistan Flag : Meaning of Afghanistan Flag

Afghanistan is a country which is situated between Central and South Asia. Despite having a rich history and culture, the nation has not lived to its potential yet and faces many problems. Having a population of 35 million that has seen some of the cruelest modern day wars, the country faces some serious challenges ahead. […]

Jamaica flag: Meaning of Jamaican Flag

Jamaica is an island nation situated in the Caribbean Archipelago. Having a population of around 2.8 million people, it is one of the heavily populated island countries in the Caribbean Sea.  Island was first discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1494. It came under the control of Spanish, who colonized the Island until Britain conquered it […]