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Mexico or United Mexican States as it known officially is a country situated in the North American Continent.  It is a federal republic with a Democratic form of Government. It has an estimated population of over 120 million people.  The population speaks mostly Spanish. Geographically, it sits just south of the United States of America and has the Pacific Ocean to its western and southern side. The capital of Mexico is in Mexico City, a special federal entity. Enough of the Mexico, let’s talk about its flag:- The Mexican Flag.

Mexico Flag


Mexican Flag also known as “Bandera de Mexico” in Spanish is the official flag and ensign of the country of Mexico. It is in a tricolor design with primary colors Green, White and Red respectively. Inside the white colored vertical space, there is a symbol known as National Coat of Arms. This is the feature which differentiates the Mexican Flag from the Italian Flag. The National Coat of Arms is depicted as an eagle sitting on a cactus and holding a serpent in its talon. The cactus is situated on a rock which is present inside a lake.

The current Mexican Flag was adopted on September 16, 1968.There are certain rules and regulations governing the use of Mexican Flag and all the flag bearers must abide by those regulations. While saluting the flag, the civilians are required to salute in a special way by holding their right arms to their chest with the palm facing towards ground.

Mexico Flag Image


We talked about the National Flag of Mexico.  We knew about its history and how it has come to be adopted today. Here I am sharing you a Mexico Flag Image. Various Images are present in our site in different formats. You can download it if you like. You can find pictures of Mexican flag in Google.

Mexico Flag Meaning


We know that Mexican Flag has three primary colors. These are Green, White and Red. Let’s talk about the meaning of the Mexican Flag. According to the makers, Green symbolizes Mexican Independence Movement which resulted in formation of state of Mexico; White represents the Catholic Church and its Purity while the Red signifies the Spanish revolutionaries that joined the independence Movement along the blood of Heroes of the war for freedom.

The National Court of Arms is derived from an Aztec belief in which God had advised the early settlers to make settlement at such a place where an eagle must be sitting on a prickly tree with serpents in its talons. According to common belief, not longer after the prophecy, settlers had found an eagle sitting near present day Mexico City. Hence there is an image of the sitting eagle in the Mexican Flag.

Mexico Flag Eagle is the Eagle present in the National Coat of Arms.

Mexico Flag Emoji


Once again I have a special Emoji for you. Yeah, you guessed it right. It is the Mexico Flag Emoji. Download it and use freely.

Mexico Flag Facts

I have some interesting Mexican flag facts that I want to share with you.  Do you know civilians have to salute a flag in an unique way? Also the flags of Mexico and Italy are very similar.

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