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Japan, a country known also as the Land Of The Rising Sun is a Island Nation located in East Asia. It is home to 127 million people. Besides the mainland of Japan, this country is made up of more than 6500 various small islands. Once a major Axis Power during World War II, the country is now considered as a peace loving country. The capital is in Tokyo. Considered as a major economical power in the 21st century, this country has some of the brightest talents known to mankind. Let’s talk about the Japanese Flag.

Japanese Flag


Japanese Flag, also known as the “Nisshoki” is the official flag of Japan. It has a white background with a red circle situated inside it.  The Current Flag was adopted in August 13th 1999. The current Japanese flag has its root to a previous design which was used by an ancient Japanese emperor by the name “Monmu”. It is the first documented use of the sun as the circle of flag which is very much prominent in current design. Current Japanese flag was made popular during the early years of Japanese Empire.

The Flag is very powerful symbol of Japanese Ideology and is equally criticized or respected in various regions of Japan. For some, it is an ultranationalist symbol while for others it is a sign of Japanese aggression that was seen in World War II.

Japanese Flag Image


Japanese Flag has been associated with various ideologies through ought the history.  For some time it was the symbol of ultra nationalism while during the World War II, it was the sign of Japanese power and aggression. Anyway, whatever feeling you get from seeing this flag, I have posted a Japanese Flag Image for you to see and conclude your views.  Let’s appreciate the Flag of “Land of The Rising Sun”.

Japanese Flag WWII


Japanese Flag which was used during World War II was known as the “Rising Sun Flag”. It had a white background along with a Red Sun situated just left from the center. Various Rays are shown to emit from it and disappear at the flag’s boundary. It was originally used by the Japanese Warlords during Edo Period.

It was later adopted by the Japanese Imperial Army on 1870 and later by the navy in 1889.it was used by the military forces over the years until the surrender in August 1945. After the establishment of Japanese Self Defence Forces in 1954, it was readopted. Once a sign of Japanese Aggression, it is being used in limited numbers today. Present day, it is considered as a sign of tradition and fortune and has limited uses in Commercial Advertisements and Defense. It is still being used by the new military forces of Japan.

Japanese Flag Emoji


So we learned about the Rising Sun and Japanese Flag. It’s time for an Emoji. Here is a Japanese Flag Emoji which you can use.


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