Jamaica flag: Meaning of Jamaican Flag

Jamaica is an island nation situated in the Caribbean Archipelago. Having a population of around 2.8 million people, it is one of the heavily populated island countries in the Caribbean Sea.  Island was first discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1494. It came under the control of Spanish, who colonized the Island until Britain conquered it in 1665 and named it as Jamaica, as it is known today. British brought with them huge no. of slave workers from various countries like India, West Indies etc to use in the coffee and indigo plantations. Today most of the Nation’s population is descendent from those workers.

The capital city is Kingston which is considered as one of the heavily populated city in the Caribbean with a population of nearly 1 million.

Jamaican Flag


Jamaican Flag is the officially adopted flag of Jamaica. It was adopted in 6th August 1962, after Jamaica gained independence from the West Indies Federation, an entity body controlled by Britain. It consists of a Satire cross which divides the flag into 4 sections. The upper and lower are of yellow color while the left and right portions are of black color. The current flag was derived from the designs that were sent by people in a nationwide competition. The design consisted of three primary colors of tricolor fashion. The horizontal color stripes were Green, Yellow and Black. The design was ultimately rejected because of the similarity with the flag of another country Tanganyika. Hence the saltire was added to create a unique final design.

Jamaican Flag Color


Jamaican Flag contains three primary colors: – Yellow, Green and Black. The meanings of these colors are given below.

Jamaican Flag Meaning


The primary colors of the Jamaican Flag; Yellow, Green and Black have remained in the both new and old design. Originally the Black color represented the strength and courage of black people and their hardships for the development to their homeland. Later this definition was dropped and a new definition of courage and strength was adopted. Yellow represents the Sun and wealth which are both the epitome of prosperity which the nation possesses. Finally, green denotes the lush fields and agriculture that is prominent in Jamaica. These meanings are somewhat true, since the nation suffered various hardships during its development. The people suffered at the hands of colonial power, but raised the country with their sweat and blood. Despite suffering heavily, the land witnessed the shinning sun and green fields.

Jamaica Flag Emoji


The history of the Jamaica is filled with suffering and loss. Its people were exploited by various world powers for their selfish gain. But somehow the courage shown by the inhabitants made it a country which is known today. To appreciate their efforts, I am sharing a Jamaican Flag Emoji that you can use.



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