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Who doesn’t know about Italy? I mean Italian wine; clothes and cars are world famous. Some of the largest clothing brands originate from there. The country is known for its exports and high quality of items it produces worldwide. These are the things we know in general. Let’s know more about Italy and Italy Flag. Italy is a country situated in Southern Europe with a population of roughly 61 million people.

The country is surrounded by Mediterranean Sea in South and different countries like France, Switzerland etc on the north. That was about Italy; now let’s talk about the Italian Flag.

Italian Flag is the official flag adopted by Italy having a tri-color design. The flag is divided into three vertical regions of equal width and having color of green, white and red respectively. It was the introduction. Let’s talk more about the topic in the next section.

Italian Flag



Italian flag consist of three primary colors green, white and red respectively. The current form of flag was officially adopted in 1st January 1948. Italian Flag is known as “il Tricolore” in Italian language. The Italian flag has been derived from the flag of Milan, a separate country at that time which was conquered by the Cisalpine Republic in 1797, the original user of il Tricolore. It was later modified in several successive years and resulted in the current form.

Italian Flag Image


We learned about the country Italy and had a brief introduction to the Italian Flag “il Tricolore”. Let’s see the image of the Italian Flag. Here I have posted an Italian Flag Image. You can download it if you like.

Italian Flag Meaning


We learned about the Italian Flag and found how it looks. Let’s talk about the meaning of each color on the flag. We know the flag contains 3 colors: – Green, White and Red.  According to some historians the colors can have the meaning on the basis of two factors– 1) Common Interpretation on the basis of Geography and History of Italy and 2)Religious Interpretations. Let’s talk about both.  According to first one, the three colors shows different meanings; Green for the country’s plains, White for the Alps Mountain Range and Red  for the bloodshed that happened during wars of Italian indipendence and Unification.

According to second one and by taking a more religious approach, colors can be explained as-

Green for Hope, White for Faith and Red for Charity.  Anyway, these are the most accountable interpretations that hold some weight.

Italian Flag Emoji


We learned about the Italy, its official flag and the meaning of different colors. Now it is the time I present you with a beautiful Italian Flag Emoji that you can use. Download it if you want.

Italian Flag vs. Mexican Flag


Italian flag and Mexican Flag look very much same. I mean, the colors are same i.e Green, White and Red and are in a vertical stripes design. But the main difference between them is that a symbol is present inside the Mexican Flag which is absent in Italian one. Mexican flag has a symbol in between known as coat of arms with an Eagle sitting on a cactus with snakes captured in its beak and talons(yeah I know it is graphic).

Apart from the above mentioned difference, the dimensions of each flag are different from each other. The Italian Flag is in the ratio of 3:2 while for Mexican Flag it is 7:4.





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