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France Flag



Do you know about France?? France is a country in Europe with its capital in Paris. It has a long and rich history and was one of the first countries to become a republic following a bloody and disastrous civil war. The France Flag which is used by the nation today was officially adopted in 1794. Today, the flag of France denotes the French nation and the values upon which it was build.

France flag includes three vertical stripes, each of equal width having color blue, white and red. The size of flag is such that the width is one and a half times the length of height. We will discuss various types of Flags in next section.

French Flag Image


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France Flag Color


France Flag consists of three colors – Blue, White and Red. The colors are arranged in a specific order and dimensions of each color are exactly same. Currently, two versions of flag are used; one with lighter tone and other is in darker tone. Both the versions are used equally but one with the lighter tone is used more often.

France Flag Emoji

Emoji’s are being used nowadays everywhere. When you react to some post on social media, you do by posting an emoji. Emoji’s are used to describe one’s feelings in a graphical way. Emoji’s of flags are also available in the internet to denote a particular country or a region. France Flag also has an emoji of its own and is used widely when we talk about anything related to France or its people.

France Flag Meaning


Each Flag holds a meaning of its own which is defined in its constitution. France Flag is not different. The three colors Blue, White and Red besides symbolizing different things show the ideas of Freedom, Equality and Brotherhood. The three principles, which were widely made popular during French Revolution is situated within the roots of modern French society.

Besides the ideology behind French Revolution, colors hold other different meanings such as Red and Blue denotes the city of Paris while white shows the King.

French Flag



French Flag is the Flag adopted by the country of France and holds a powerful meaning in international platform. It is flown in public places, government buildings and other areas to show the unity of french people as well as a powerful symbol of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity.

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