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England or United Kingdom as known more commonly is a country in Western Europe with a population of 55 million. England along with Scotland and Wales forms the United Kingdom. Once a great colonial power, it had much land under its rule than any other country in the world. Known as the birthplace of Industrial revolution that gave birth to current modern Industry, it is now a developed country having one of the largest economies in the world.

England Flag



England Flag that is used today is derived from St George’s Cross consist of a white background along with a red cross. The Story behind the cross is told in a way that in 1811 the Henry II of England and Phillip II of France agreed to go on a crusade together. Henry chose a white cross and Phillip a red one. It is still not clear to the historians at which point the English changed the white cross with a Red on White one. The England flag is one of the key constituents of the flag of United Kingdom i.e. Union Jack. Generally, Union Jack is associated with Britain more than the Individual England Flag because all the territories acquired by the UK during its time used the Union Flag. Union Flag has been associated with the British Power and aggression.

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England Flag is available in our website in various forms and formats that you can download and use for free. Here I have posted an England Flag Image.

England Flag Colors


England Flag uses primarily two colors red and white. The primary field which covers the flag is colored white while the cross is colored red. To see the England Flag, go to the below section.

England Flag Meaning


England Flag contains two features. One is the cross which is colored red and another is the background, which is colored white. The Meaning of the red cross can be derived from its place in Union Jack. The cross is used to represent the territory of Great Britain and Whales. The Cross is an important sign which showcases the power of the England as a colonial regime. The Union Jack was enforced on the all annexed territories by the England in this regard. The meaning of white color is more religious. It represents the christian ideology and the power of church.

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