Djibouti Flag : Meaning of Djibouti Flag

Djibouti also known officially as the Republic of Djibouti is a country in Africa. It is bordered by Eritrea, Ethiopia, and Somalia. The population is estimated to be just below a million. The country was part of Kingdom of Aksum. It was made a French colony in the late 19th century followed till 1977, when it became an independent nation. An armed conflict took place in the 1990s which ended in early 2000. The country has a multi-ethnic population with people having Somali, Arabic and French origin. The capital is Djibouti City.

Djibouti Flag


Djibouti Flag is the official flag and state ensign of Djibouti. It was adopted on 27th June 1977, after the independence from France. The design includes two horizontal bands of sky blue and green along with a white colored triangle containing a red star in it, based on the hoist side of the flag. The dimensions of the flag are in the ratio of 2:3.

Before the establishment of the French colony, the flag of Sultanate of Tajoura was used as the ensign of the country. In 1970, the national flag was created for the first time and was adapted from the flag used by the Front for the Liberation of Somali Coast, a guerrilla group fighting against the government. The flag was modified and was introduced as the national flag.

Djibouti Flag Image


Djibouti Flag Image is uploaded here on this website. Here you can see how it looks like. You can download the picture if you like.

Djibouti Flag Color


Djibouti Flag has two horizontal bands of sky blue and green along with a white star based on the hoist side of the flag. The triangle also contains a red colored star.

Djibouti Flag Meaning


The Djibouti Flag contains the primary colors of blue, green, white and red. The sky blue, as usual, refers to the sky and sea. The Green represents the greenery of its surrounding as well as greenery. The white is associated with peace and shows the message of a peace-loving nation. The red star represents the blood of the freedom fighters that were killed in various wars for independence. Besides these meanings, various clans are also associated with the colors. The light blue represents the Issa Somalis while the green refers to the Afar people. These two are major native clans of the country.

Djibouti Flag Emoji


Djibouti Flag was discovered in brief along with the meaning of the colors. Here I have posted a Djibouti Flag Emoji that you can use.

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