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Denmark is a country in northern Europe. It is a kingdom comprising the mainland of Denmark, Faroe Islands, and Greenland. Denmark consists of the mainland, Jutland and a group of 445 islands. The population is about 5.78 million. Established as the Kingdom of Denmark in the 10th century, it came under the Kalmar union in 1397, which jointly ruled Denmark, Sweden, and Norway. It remained neutral during the World War I but was later invaded by Germany in 1940. It remained under Germany until 1945. Today Denmark is a highly developed country with a very rich cultural and social community. Its capital is Copenhagen.

Denmark Flag


Denmark Flag is the official flag and ensign of Denmark. It has a design of a white cross placed on a red field. The vertical part of the cross slightly leans toward left i.e. to the hoist side of the flag. The origin of the flag and the date of adoption are often disputed as there is no record of its development or origin. The flag is said to be used by the various Danish kings as early as 14th century. The flag became popular in the early 19th century with the increase in national identity. The flag has the design of the cross on a field of primary color, as seen in the flags of ancient kingdoms of the region. It now holds a world record for the oldest national flag that is still in use.

Denmark Flag Image


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Denmark Flag Color


Denmark Flag consists of a white field with a red Scandinavian Cross on it. The Scandinavian cross tilted more tilted towards left.

Denmark Flag Meaning


There is not any physical evidence suggesting the origin of the current flag and there is no consensus on the colors meaning. However, the use of Scandinavian Cross is associated with the Scandinavian Origin as well as the population of the country. The cross is derived from the Flags of various kingdoms in history and hence is explained as the symbol of Scandinavian heritage and identity. Other than this, there is no official explanation for the colors used.

Denmark Flag Emoji


Denmark is a country in Europe which has a flag that is very old and mysterious. There is no official explanation available for the features but one thing is certain, that the flag has been unchanged for nearly 1000 years. Here I have posted a Denmark Flag Emoji.

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