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The Czech Republic is also known as Czechia is a country in Europe. It is bordered by Germany, Austria, Slovakia, and Poland. The country has an estimated population of around 10.6 million which lives about 79,000 square kilometers of area. The country was first formed in the late 9th century as Duchy of Bohemia under the rule of Great Moravian Empire. After the fall of the empire in 907, it came under Roman Empire and later became Kingdom of Bohemia in 1198. In 1806, the kingdom came under the Austrian Empire and became Czechoslovakia after World War I. It was briefly under the rule Germany during World War II and was liberated. However, after its liberation, it faced various civil wars and finally broke in 1993 and gave birth to the current countries of Czech Republic and Slovakia. Today, it is a highly developed country and a peaceful nation. Its capital is Prague.

Czechia Flag


Czechia Flag is the official flag and ensign of the country of Czechia. The flag consists of two bands of white and red and a blue colored isosceles triangle based on the hoist side of the flag. It is the same flag used by the now-dissolved state of Czechoslovakia. The Flag was inspired by the kingdom of Bohemia, which also had the design of a white band over red. However, due to the similarity of the new flag with the flag of Poland, a blue triangle was also added later. The flag was first flown in 1920. The dimensions of the flag are in the ratio of 2:3.

Czechia Flag Image


The Czech Republic has the flag which nearly identical to the flag of Poland. I have posted here a Czechia Flag Image that you can see.

Czechia Flag Color


Czechia Flag consists of two horizontal bands of equal size and colored white and red with a blue colored triangle based on the hoist side of the flag.

Czechia Flag Meaning


Czechia Flag uses the colors of white, red and blue. The meaning of these colors has not been explained properly other than the fact that these colors were used by the Bohemian Flag. So these colors don’t hold any real meaning and general meanings are associated with them. Red can be explained as the bloodshed by the Martyrs while the blue is associated with courage, bravery, vigor etc.

Czechia Flag Emoji


Czechia Flag was described in detail in the upper section. Here I am posting a Czechia Flag Image that you can use.

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