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Cuba is an island country in the Caribbean Sea. It includes the main island and several surrounding islands. Cuba lies south of the American State of Florida and north of Jamaica. Cuba covers the largest island in the Caribbean Sea and an estimated 11 million people live on it. Cuba was a colony of Spain from the 15th century onwards till 1898, when it came under the United States. It got independence from the United States in 1902 and shortly became a democracy. However, in 1956, dictatorship took place. A socialist state and follower of socialist ideology, it was a major point of power struggle during Cold War. Today it is surrounded in various controversies including human rights violation and political imprisonment. Its capital is Havana.

Cuba Flag


Cuban Flag is the national flag and state ensign of Cuba. It includes five horizontal stripes of blue and white. The blue and white are alternatively present. A red equilateral triangle featuring a white star is based on the hoist side of the flag. The current flag was adopted in 1902 after the country got independence. The proportions of the flag are in the ratio of 1:2. Both the flag and coat of arms are designed by the Miguel Teurbe Tolon.

Cuba Flag Colors


Cuba flag consists of five horizontal stripes of blue and white. There is also a red triangle based on the hoist side of the national flag. There is a white star present inside the triangle.

Cuba Fag Image



Cuba Flag consists of horizontal bands along with a red star based on the left side. Here I have posted a Cuba Flag Image that you can refer to.

Cuba Flag Meaning


The colors of the flag are blue, white and red. The colors were chosen carefully to showcase the various principles on which the new state was to be formed. The three blue stripes depict the division Cuban Society at that time. White denotes the purity and red triangle which was inspired by the French Revolution showcased the ideas of liberty, equality, and fraternity. The red color of the triangle is chosen to show the blood of the martyrs for the creation of Cuba. The lone star was used to represent an American State, which Cuba was intended to become.

Cuba Flag Emoji


Cuba Flag was discussed very briefly in the upper section. However, it’s time for an Emoji. So here I am presenting you a Cuba Flag Emoji.

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