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Croatia is a country in Europe with an estimated population of about 4 million. The country has a majority of Christian Religion and follows a democratic government. The first Kingdom was established in the year 925, from when it remained as an independent kingdom till its union with Hungary in 1102.  Later the kingdom got divided into several parts each ruled by different kings. After World War I, it came under Soviet Russia and was part of Yugoslavia. In 1991, after the breaking of Soviet Union and subsequently Yugoslavia, Croatia declared independence. Today it is a developed country with a very high capita income. Its capital is Zagreb.

Croatia Flag


Croatia flag is the national flag and ensign of Croatia. It is also known as Trobojnica, tricolor in the local language. The design includes a tricolor design consisting of three horizontal bands of red, white and blue. The National Coat of Arms is present at the center of the flag. The coat of arms features a shield of red and white checkered pattern along with the arms of various forces. The current flag was adopted in 1990, shortly after first elections. The colors of the flag include the colors of various previous kingdoms that make up current Croatia. The present flag was first adopted on 21 December 1990.

Croatia Flag Colors


Croatia Flag uses a tricolor design consisting of red in the upper band, white in the middle and blue in the bottom band. Coat of Arms is present and looks like a shield of red and white checks along with the various arms symbol.

Croatia Flag Image


Croatia Flag was discussed in the upper section. If you have missed it or want to read it again, go to upper section. Here I have posted a Croatia Flag Image that you can use.

Croatia Flag Meaning



Croatia flag makes use of a tricolor design which is colored red, white and blue. Here the colors don’t have any ideological meanings rather they have been chosen on the basis of nation’s history. The Kingdom of Croatia had red and white while the Kingdom of Slavonia has blue and white. So the colors are a combination of these previous flags.

Croatia Flag Emoji


Croatia Flag incorporates the designs of previous two kingdoms that were part of it. Here I am giving you a Croatia Flag Emoji that you can use.

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