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Costa Rica is a country situated in Central America. It has boundaries with Nicaragua, Panama, and Ecuador. The country is surrounded by the oceans on either side as the Pacific Ocean lies in its left while the Caribbean Sea lies on the right. The country has a population of around 4.9 million. The country was first discovered by the Spanish in the 16th century. It became a Spanish colony shortly afterward and remained until it was liberated and made a part of Mexican Empire. However, Mexican Empire lasted for a very short time and it later came under the United Provinces during American civil war. Costa Rica gained its independence in 1847 and since then it has remained peaceful. The country today is known as one of the best countries in the implementation of environmental policies and a record investment in education sector. The country has its capital in San Jose.

Costa Rica Flag



Costa Rica flag is used as the official national flag and state ensign. The flag contains five horizontal bands of blue, white and red with the National coat of arms present at the middle band. The design is such that the middle red band is double the width of other bands. The pattern of colors is like this. The first and last bands are colored blue while the second and fourth are colored white. The middle larger band is colored red and contains the white national coat of arms. The current flag was adopted on 27th November 1906.

Costa Rica Flag Colors


Costa Rica Flag uses three primary colors of blue, red and white. The upper and lower strips are colored blue and likewise, next set of stripes have the white color. The middle band is colored red.

Costa Rica Flag Image


Costa Flag was discussed in the previous section thoroughly. For more info kindly refer to the upper sections. Here I have posted a Costa Rica Flag Image that you can see.

Costa Rica Flag Meaning


The design of the current flag and its use of primary colors, as described by its creator Pacifica Fernandez, wife of then president Jose Madriz was inspired from the French tricolor. Blue color represents the sky, opportunities, perseverance as seen in the French flag. The white represents the wisdom, happiness; Red, as seen in previous flags, represents the bloodshed during the wars for independence.

Costa Rica Flag Emoji


Costa Flag is inspired from the French tricolor, as it can be seen from the above image. However, the design is slightly different and an additional coat of arms is present in the Costa Rican Flag. Anyway, I have a Costa Rica Flag Emoji for you.

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