Congo Flag : Meaning of Congo Flag

Congo can be used to depict any of the two countries of South Africa. The first can be the Democratic Republic of Congo and the second one is the Republic of Congo. The Democratic Republic of Congo is larger of the two and has more population than the Republic of Congo at 75 million compared to 4 million for the later country. Also, RC was formerly called French Congo while the DRC was known as Zaire. For the sake of simplicity, I am writing about the two countries on the same article. The capital of DRC is Kinshasa while the capital of RC is Brazzaville.

Republic of the Congo Flag


The flag was officially adopted on September 15, 1959, and was reintroduced on 10th June 1991. The flag proportions are in the ratio of 2:3. It consists of a tricolor of green, yellow and red. The colors are presented as a yellow band cutting the flag in half diagonally. The upper portion is green and lower portion is red.

The Democratic Republic of the Congo Flag


It has also had the same design but the middle band is colored red with a yellow case surrounding it. The two upper and lower portions are colored blue. The flag also contains a big yellow colored star in the upper left corner of the flags.

The Republic of the Congo Flag, the Democratic Republic of the Congo Flag Image



Here I have posted the flag images of both the countries. The design is similar in both the flags but the DRC flag has an extra red case surrounding the middle band apart from the obvious visible difference in colors. Here I have posted images of both the flags. See it carefully and note the differences.

Congo Flag Colors


DRC (the Democratic Republic of the Congo) uses primary colors of yellow, red and blue. The upper and lower portions are blue while the middle band is red. The star and the case surrounding the middle band is colored yellow.

RC (Republic of the Congo) uses the same design but have the colors green, yellow and red. There is no star and the case is absent.

Congo Flag Meaning

In the case of DRC Flag, blue represents peace; red for the blood of freedom fighters, yellow for the wealth and star shows a bright future.

However in case of RC Flag, green represents agriculture, yellow for the natural resources and red for the bloodshed in various wars. The combination of the colors used is also a sign of Pan-Africanist Movement.

Congo Flag Emoji




Here I have posted the emojis for the fag of two countries.




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