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Comoros is a country in the Indian Ocean. It consists of a group of islands and lies near the north of Mozambique Channel. The current population is estimated to be around 800,000. The country became a French colony in the 19th century and became independent in 1975. The country faced various challenges including unstable political atmosphere as well as declining economy. The population is mostly poor and the country has one of the lowest Human Development Index score in the world. The capital is Moroni, also the largest city.

Comoros Flag


Comoros Flag is the national flag of Comoros. The design includes four horizontal strips along with a green colored equilateral triangle containing a crescent white moon and four sides. The base of the triangle is in the hoist side of the flag. The four stripes are colored yellow, white, red and blue respectively. The current flag is in the ratio of 3:5 and was officially adopted on 7th January 2002.

The Comoros flag faced various changes throughout the history. The first official flag was used in 1963 before Comoros gained independence. The crescent was first used and removed afterward in 1975. It was later added in 1978 by the new government and the moon and star positions were changed throughout the years.

Comoros Flag Colors


Comoros flag contains four vertical bands which are colored yellow, white, red and blue respectively along with a green equilateral triangle based on the hoist side of the flag. The triangle also contains a half crescent white colored moon and four stars, also in white.

Comoros Flag Image


Here I am posting a Comoros Flag Image. See it and find out the similarities of the flag design with another flag that I have discussed on this site.

Comoros Flag Meaning


We saw how the Comoros Flag looks like. Let’s know the meaning of those colors. The four stripes that are used in the flag represent the four islands that comprise Comoros. The Islands are assigned as follows. The yellow color is for Moheli, white represents Mayotte, Red represents Anjouan and finally Blue shows Grande Comore. The four islands are thus assigned four different colors. Besides these, the crescent moon and stars are the sign of Islam and hence are used to show the community’s faith in the Islamic religion.

Comoros Flag Emoji


Did you find the similarities between a certain nation’s flag and the flag of Comoros? If not, you will find it sooner if you continue to visit this website. Anyway, here I have a Comoros Flag Emoji for you.



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