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China Flag


China is a country present in the eastern Asia having a whopping population of more than 1.4 Billion. It is fourth largest country in the world in terms of world area after Russia, Canada and USA and is considered as a big military and economy power. The Country is mainly a socialist state which is evident in its Flag.

The Chinese Flag, also known as Five-Star Red Flag primarily consist of a red background color along with five stars in yellow color present at top left corner. Out of the 5 stars, one big star is present in the upper left corner and is surrounded by other 4 smaller stars, thus forming a semicircle. The present day flag was first flown by the People Liberation Army (PLA) at Tiananmen Square in Beijing on 1st October 1949.

China Flag Image


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Old Chinese Flag


China is the birthplace of some of the oldest dynasties in the world. Various dynasties ruled the country throughout the history and each one of them adopted their own flags. But all of them had some similar features; presence of a yellow background and dragon (you may have seen some of them in films, books) as a symbol of power. The shift from traditional design took place during 19th and 20th century when some of the biggest revolutions took place. During last years of Qing Dynasty several other designs such as the canton used in the today’s flag originated. During the Wuchang Uprising in 1911 that resulted in the formation of Republic, various revolutionary armies had different flags. In Shanghai and other surrounding areas, a different flag having 5 colors was used. This flag represented the 5 nationals- Han (Red), Manchu (Yellow), Mongol (Blue), Tibetan (Black) and Hui(White).

China Flag Emoji


Different emojis are available on internet today and have become a way of texting. Whatever we don’t want to write in words or too lazy, we just use the emojis and get it done. China Flag Emoji can be downloaded from here on this site free of cost. Just download from among the available ones and use it whenever you like. Simple as that.

China Flag Meaning


China as it is known to the world today is based on the communist ideology which is primary focused on the welfare of its citizens. China’s Flag has an overall red background, which represents the communist ideology that is present in the Chinese society. Red is also used because it is the color of Han People – the largest ethnic community of China. The biggest yellow star present in upper left corner depicts the Communist Party of China (CPC) which the only political party in Chinese politics. The star is used to show the CPC as the supreme party or organization on which the Chinese people can rely on for guidance.

The surrounding four stars represent the classes of people in china. The presence of those four stars surrounding main star show the dependence of people on the CPC. So here is the China Flag Meaning.

China Flag Pictures


Various china flag pictures are given below. You can download them if you like.

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