Chile Flag : Meaning of Chile Flag

Chile is a country in Southern America. It’s a long stretch of land and is situated between the Andes and the Pacific Ocean. The country is home to around 17.5 million people who live in an estimated area of 750,000 square kilometers. The country was first conquered by the Spanish in mid 16th century. Chile gained independence in 1818 and became a republic shortly afterward. However in 1973, after a major coup by the military, the elected government was removed and military dictatorship took place. The military regime ended in 1990. Geographically, Chile is situated on the western coast of South America. The country is dotted with volcanoes, mountain ranges and is considered as one of the major tourist attraction in South America. The capital of Chile is Santiago.

Chile Flag


Chile Flag is the national flag and ensign of Chile. The flag consists of two horizontal bands of white and red with a blue square containing a white five-pointed star present at the upper left corner. The current flag was adopted on 18th October 1817, just before the Chilean Independence. The current flag dimensions are in the ratio of 2:3. The current flag is greatly believed to be derived from the flag used by Mapuches.

Chile Flag Colors


Chile Flag consists of two horizontal bands and a star present inside a square in the upper left portion of the flag. The upper band is colored white while the lower one is colored red. The square present in the upper band is blue in color with a white colored star inside it.

Chile Flag Image


Chile Flag is discussed in the upper section. Let’s have a look at the picture of the flag to understand how it looks and analyze its design. Here is a Chile Flag Image.

Chile Flag Meaning


Chile flag uses colors of white, red and blue. The meaning of these colors can be explained by different ideologies that are generally associated with them. The blue color refers to the sea while the white is associated with the Andes Mountain Range. The red as usual refers to the bloodshed during the war of Independence. Star, which is present in the upper left portion, can be interpreted in many ways. The usual meaning is that of an independent state or as in this case to honor and glory of the country.

Chile Flag Emoji


Chile Flag represents the various ideologies and values that are accepted by the Chilean Society. The colors refer to its location and its natural beauty. Here I have posted a Chile Flag Emoji.

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