Chad Flag : Meaning of Chad Flag

Chad is a republic in central Africa. It is bordered by Libya, Sudan, Central African Republic, Cameroon, Niger. It is one of the biggest countries in terms of size and has an estimated population of 13 million. The region saw rising and falling of many empires in the first millennium followed by a set of colonies. France conquered the territory in 1920 and ruled it until 1960 when the country was declared independence. A civil war followed in 1965 for the power of the government.  The current power lies in a particular party in Election.

Chad Flag


Chad Flag is the national flag and ensign of Chad. It follows a tricolor design with three vertical bands present. The colors are blue, yellow and red respectively. The current flag was first adopted on November 6th, 1959. The dimensions of the current flag are in the ratio of 2:3.  The design is inspired by the French flag and uses some of its colors. The Flag has also the sign of traditional African Colors. There had not been any change in the flag since 1959 and is same today as it was all those years ago. The Chad Flag is similar to Romania Flag. The only difference is their sizes.

Chad Flag Color


Chad Flag consists of three colors which are present in a vertical way. The color blue is present in the first band, yellow in the middle and red in the last band. The use of colors has originated from the French tricolor and Pan-African Flags.

Chad Flag Image


The Chad Flag Image is present on our website out of which one I am sharing with you. See the flag and notice how it compares to the French Flag and notice the similarities between them.

Chad Flag Meaning


Chad Flag uses the colors from the French Flag as well as the Pan- African Movement. The blue and red colors are derived from the French flag while the green, yellow and red can be traced to traditional African Flags color. The blue color represents the sky and hope, yellow represents the sun and dessert and the red denotes the bloodshed during the freedom struggle.

Chad Flag Emoji


After every discussion of a flag, we share some Emoji. So continuing with the site’s tradition, I have a Chad Flag Emoji for you. Use it as you like.

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