Cape Verde Flag : Meaning of Cape Verde Flag

Cape Verde is an island country present in the Atlantic Ocean. It is an archipelago consisting of volcanic Islands. The archipelago was first discovered by Portuguese explorers in the 15th century and was colonized softly after. It was the main point of Slave Trade during the 16th and 17th century and grew very prosperous around that time. It served as a stopover for cargo ships that resulted in the establishment of a rich colony.  The economic decline began in the 19th century leading to emigration. It was established as a part of Portugal in 1951 and remained till 1975 when it achieved independence. The current islands hold a rough population of 512,000. The capital city is Praia.

Cape Verde Flag is discussed below.

Cape Verde Flag


Cape Verde Flag is the national flag and ensign of Cape Verde. The flag consists of five horizontal bands colored blue, white and red along with a circle made by ten stars in the lower left side of the flag. The blue color is present in the upper and lower part while the white is present in between. The red is present in the middle. The proportions of the current flag are in the ratio of 2:3. However, no official size is mentioned. The current flag was adopted in 10th June 1990.

Cape Verde did not have any flag of its own before the Portuguese occupation. It used the Portuguese flag as its own. In the 1960s a new flag was proposed for the territory but was never adopted. The first national flag was introduced after Cape Verde gained independence in 1975. The flag used the traditional African Colors of red, green and yellow. A new design which is being used today was later adopted.

Cape Verde Flag Image


Cape Verde Flag was discussed in detail at the upper section of this article. I have shared a Cape Verde Flag Image so that you can see how it looks like in real life. You can download the picture if you like.

Cape Verde Flag Color


Cape Verde flag consists of five horizontal design employing blue, white and red colors. There are 10 yellow colored stars forming a circle present in lower part of the flag and towards the left side.

Cape Verde Flag Meaning


Cape Verde flag employs the colors blue, white and red. The 10 stars represent the 10 islands which make up Cape Verde. The blue represents the color of ocean and sky. The band of white and red collectively refer to the construction of the country. The colors red and white also hold their common ideological meaning of hope and peace.

Cape Verde Flag Emoji


Cape Verde Flag was discussed briefly in the upper part of the article. Now is the time for a Cape Verde Flag Emoji.

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