Canadian flag : Meaning of Canadian Flag

Canada is a country in North America which covers second largest inhabited land area in the world after Russia. Formerly a British colony, it gained independence from United Kingdom in 1987 and now is a parliamentary democracy. It is home to mere 35 million people and has one of the lowest population densities among the countries of the world. Considered as a multicultural nation, the country has one of the highest no. of immigrant population in the world. Canadian capital city is Ottawa, a large metropolitan area situated in the southern part of country.

That was one for the introduction. Now let’s talk about the country’s flag, Canadian Flag in next section.

Canadian Flag


Canadian Flag also known as the Maple Leaf is the national flag of Canada. It consists of red and white fields with red field covering the both sides along with a single white field in between them. The width of three colored boxes is in the ratio of 1:2:1.  Another symbol, a red maple leaf is present in the white field. The leaf is eleven pointed and is considered as a unique identity of Canadian Flag as well as the country which it represents. The current flag was officially unveiled on 15th February 1965 which celebrated as Nation Flag Day in Canada. The design was given by George Stanley and is inspired from the flag of Royal Military College of Canada.

Officially used by the Canadian Government and other bodies as National Ensign, flag has been a sign of a multicultural and multi-regional Canadian Society.

Canadian Flag Image


Canadian Flag is an interesting Flag to look at. It shows how a common tree or species of a country can be its National Identity. I have attached a Canadian Flag Image for you. Download it if you want.

Canadian Flag Leaf


Maple leaf has been used in various Canadian Flags since 18th Century. It first appeared as the coat of arms of Ontario and Quebec. Later due to a Canadian Anthem named as “The Maple Leaf Forever” written in the 1867, maple leaf became popular and got associated with Canadian Identity. It became the sign of Canadian Coat of Arms in 1921.

Canadian Flag Meaning


Canadian Flag consists of two red areas in either side of the flag with a white area in between. Lets learn about the official meaning of these colors. Red represents hope and prosperity; White represents the peace and tranquility, it has been derived from the French Emblem. Maple Leaf denotes the rich cultural heritage that the country has. The sign of Maple Leaf is very significant as it gives a unique identity to Canadian Nation, which has been known for its open society.

Canadian Flag Emoji


Well, we learnt about the Canadian Flag and Maple Leaf. It’s time for me to present you a beautiful Canadian Flag Emoji that you can use.

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