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Cameroon is a country which is present in South Africa. It is bordered by Nigeria, Chad, Central African Republic, Guinea, Gabon, and Congo. The country has a diverse population having various origins throughout Africa and beyond.  Portuguese explorers first arrived in Cameroon in early 15th century followed by the establishment of the kingdom of Adamawa in the 19th century.  It came under the German rule in 1884 and was renamed as Kamerun. After World War I, the country was divided between France and UK. The northern French part of the country got independence in 1960 followed by the southern British part in 1961. The capital of the country is in Yaoundé.

More about the Cameroon Flag is given below.

Cameroon Flag


Cameroon Flag is a tricolor flag having the primary colors of green red and yellow. The three bands are placed in a vertical way with the green coming in first, red in the second and yellow at the last. A yellow colored star is present in the middle of the red band. The current flag was adopted on May 20th, 1975. The proportions are in the ratio of 2:3. The first flag of Cameroon used the current design and had only three colors. Later the two stars were added when British part of Cameroon was added into the territory. The two yellow stars, which were present in the upper left color of the flag were removed in 1975 and the middle yellow star was added.

Cameroon Flag Color


Cameroon Flag consists of three primary colors of green, red and yellow. A single yellow star is present in the middle band. The three bands are placed in a vertical way.

Cameroon Flag Image


Cameroon Flag Image is present on our website which you can download and use. It comes in various sizes and resolution and easy to find.

Cameroon Flag Meaning


Cameroon Flag consists of green, red and yellow color. The colors hold a physical as well as ideological meaning in the Cameroon Flag. The red represents unity. Yellow is associated with the Sun and the savannahs present at the upper part of Cameroon. The green part refers to the forest which is present in the lower part of the country. The yellow colored star, which is present at the middle, symbolizes unity and integrity. The two stars used in the older flag represented the two parts; French and the British. The current flag contains only one star; which presents a fact that country is not divided now as it was in earlier times.

Cameroon Flag Emoji


Cameroon Flag is presented at the upper section. Here I am providing a free Cameroon Flag Emoji that you can use.


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