Cambodia Flag : Meaning of Cambodia Flag

Cambodia is a country present in South East Asia. It is bordered by Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, and the Gulf of Thailand in South. It has an approximate population of around 15 million. The majority of the population is Buddhist. The capital city is Phnom Penh. The government is a constitutional monarchy. The country has a rich history of various king establishing kingdoms and accumulation of huge wealth during the dawn of the new millennia. Buddhism and Hinduism flourished in this area at that time and spread to others part of Asia. In 1863, it was claimed by France under which it remained until its independence in 1953.

The country flag, Cambodia Flag is discussed below.

Cambodia Flag


Cambodia Flag is the national and civil ensign of the country. It consists of three horizontal bands with the middle band slightly wider than the rest two. The upper and lower bands are both colored blue while the middle is colored red. A symbol is present in the middle band and depicts the temple of Angkor Wat. It was first used in 1948 after the independence of Cambodia and was later adopted as the national flag in 1993. The symbol of Angkor Wat is a common feature in the Cambodian Flags since the 1850s. Today the flag is being used by various entities in Cambodia and holds a great national pride.

Cambodia Flag Color


Cambodia Flag uses three colors. The upper and lower band is blue in color while the middle one is red in color. A symbol known as Angkor Wat is present at the center.

Cambodia Flag Image


Cambodia Flag is discussed in the upper sections of the article. Here I have posted a Cambodia Flag that you can use.

Cambodia Flag Meaning


The symbol in the middle of the flag is also known as Angkor Wat. It is temple was built in the 12th century by the Mahidharapura monarchs.  It is presented as a symbol to showcase the people’s faith in Buddhism and its values. The symbol is also used to represent the monarchy, which builds the temple. All other colors don’t have any true meanings and are considered as colors associated with the history of Cambodia.

Cambodia Flag Emoji


Emojis are the best way of expressing something. You can tell so many things from an Emoji that may or may not be understood properly on using of words. Here I have a Cambodia Flag Emoji that you can use.

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