Burundi Flag : Meaning of Burundi Flag

Burundi is a country in East Africa. It is bordered by Tanzania, Rwanda, and Congo. The capital of the country is Bujumbura. Burundi was an independent kingdom until the 20th century when Germany colonized it. After the defeat of Germany in First World War, it came under the control of Belgium. Both Belgium and Rwanda ruled the country jointly for next decades. It gained independence in 1962 and the future was very grim. Two civil wars happened in the following years which heavily affected the country. The country is heavily dependent on agriculture with manufacturing sector contributing to the economy the least.

Burundi Flag is discussed below including its colors, meaning etc.

Burundi Flag


Burundi Flag is the national flag and ensign of Burundi. It was first adopted on 28th June 1967. The flag consists of a diagonal cross dividing the whole flag into four sections where the upper and lower sections are red in color while the left and right sections are green in color. A circular shape containing three red stars is present at the meeting points of the diagonal lines. The proportions of the flag are in the ratio of 3:5. The monarchy followed a similar design which had a drum present in the circle instead of stars. The flag was discontinued in 1966 when the monarchy was removed. The drum was replaced by a sorghum plant. Later the plant was replaced by three red stars in 1967. The final design was selected after revising the dimension proportions.

Burundi Flag Color


Burundi Flag consists of a white cross which divides the flag into 4 sections which are colored red and green on either side. Three red stars are present in the white circle at the middle.

Burundi Flag Image


We knew about the country of Burundi and its flag in the upper section. Here I have posted a Burundi Flag Image for you.

Burundi Flag Meaning


The flag of Burundi contains red in the upper and below portions while green is present in either side of the flag. Let’s discuss the significance of these colors. The colors represent the same meanings and values that can be seen in the various previous flag used by other countries. White cross represents peace; green symbolizes the hope of a bright future and finally red represents the struggle and suffering of the people. The three stars represent the three ethnic group of Burundi.

Burundi Flag Emoji


Burundi Flag is discussed in detail in the above section. A Burundi Flag Emoji is posted here so that you can use it. It’s free and easy to download.


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