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Myanmar, also known as Burma is a country in Southeast Asia. The country is bordered by India and Bangladesh to the west, Thailand, and Laos to its east and China in its north. To the south of the country, Bay of Bengal is situated. The population of the country is about 5 million and official capital is Naypyidaw. The former capital was Yangon. The British colonized the country in the 19th century and was under the British rule until 1948 when it became an independent nation. Shortly after in 1962, after a coup by the military, it became a military dictatorship. What followed after the years are civil wars and various killings of citizens by the Dictatorship. The country finally conducted a General Election in 2010 and installed a democratic government replacing the military.

The Burma Flag is discussed below.

Burma Flag


Burma Flag is the official civil and state ensign of Myanmar. The flag consists of a tricolor design with three colors yellow, green and red with a big white star in the middle. The proportion of the current flag is in the ratio of 2:3. It was first adopted on 21st October 2010 after the rewriting of the constitution. Over the years, Burma had various flags. After independence, it used a flag of red colored background along with a blue canton in the upper left corner of the flag. The canton consisted of 5 small stars along with a large star in the middle. The color of the stars was white.  The design was changed after the declaration of Burma as a socialist state in 1974. The last revision happened in 2010.

Burma Flag Colors


Burma Flag consists of a tricolor design which includes three primary colors, yellow, green and red. There is also a large white star present in the middle.

Burma Flag Image


Here I have shared the Burma Flag Image. It is available on our website in various format and layout. You can download it if you like.

Burma Flag Meaning


Burma Flag makes use of three primary colors. The three colors are yellow, green and red. The colors according to many researchers, symbolize the Pan African Movement. However, the relation between the movement and Burma cannot be explained reasonably. However, the primary meaning of individual colors can be ascertained. The yellow represents solidarity, the green represents peace and greenery of land while red is said to represent the courage and bravery. Finally, white represents the unity of the Burmese territory.

Burma Flag Emoji

Burma Flag is explained in detail in the upper section. Here I am posting a Burma Fag Emoji that you can use according to your needs.


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