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Brazil is a South American country with a population of about 208 million people. It occupies sixth largest land area in the world and is the largest producer of coffee for the last 150 years. The country has Portuguese Language as its official language and is the largest country in Americas to do so. The country has largest share of Amazon Rain forest and is considered as one having one of the largest bio diversities in the world. Its capital is Brasilia. Let’s talk about the Brazilian Flag.

Brazilian Flag


Brazil Flag also known as ” A Auriverde” in Portuguese includes a blue disc depicting the night sky which includes Southern Cross. The disc is surrounded by a white band with inscribed words “Ordem E Progresso” meaning Order and Progress. The disc is present inside a yellow rhombus with a green colored background. The current flag was adopted on November 19, 1989; four days after the country became a republic. The current flag has its origin from the previous flag of the Empire where green represented the first Emperor Pedro I and yellow represented his wife Empress Maria Leopoldina.

When Brazil was given the rank of kingdom and all the kingdoms of the region where united into a single state – the United  Kingdom of Portugal, Brazil and Algarves in 1815 a charter was established in 1816 giving a new insignia to the new Kingdom. A  Sphere was added in blue color for the first time depicting the arms of Kingdom. However after Brazilian Independence, a new design was proposed with a yellow rhombus and green field.

Brazil Flag Meaning

Brazilian flag consist of a green background and a yellow rhombus inside it.  A sphere is present inside it with stars on it. Let us now discuss the Brazil Flag Meaning. The primary color of green was used to depict the first emperor of Brazilian Empire Pedro I, while the yellow rhombus was used to depict his queen Empress Maria Leopoldina. The stars which are shown inside the yellow sphere are the view of various constellations over the city of Rio de Janeiro on 15th November 1889.Another meaning of stars is their number. The flag contains 27 stars, which represent 27 Brazilian States and the Federal District.

Brazil Flag Image

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Brazil Flag Emoji

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