Bosnia and Herzegovina Flag : Meaning of Bosnia and Herzegovina Flag

Bosnia-Herzegovina also knows as Bosnia, is a country in South Eastern Europe located in Balkan Peninsula. It is bordered by Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro and Adriatic Sea. The country has mainly mountainous areas with some Flat lands. The summers are very hotter while the winters are freezing in temperature. The Bosnia has a rich cultural and political history. Formed in 12th century, it became the kingdom of Bolivia in 15th century. It was later conquered by the Ottoman Empire, under which it remained till 19th century. The country was ruled by the Austrians till World War I after which it was under the Yugoslavia. During cold war it became a member of Soviet Union. Bosnia declared independence after the dissolution of Yugoslavia in 1992. The country later saw a civil war and adopted the constitution in 1995. It is center of historical and cultural importance today and has a huge tourism industry. The capital is Sarajevo.

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Bosnia Flag


Bosnia flag is the official flag and ensign of Bosnia. It consists of blue vertical band at the fly side with a yellow triangle having its base on the upper side of flag along with seven full stars with 5 points and two half stars with 2 points lined on the hypotenuse of the triangle. The current design was adapted on 4th February 1998 and was later modified on 10th August 2001. Historically, the flag of Bosnia included a green design with white crescent and star present in the middle. The design was first introduced in 1760 and was inspired from the flag of Ottoman Empire. During the later years, flag was modified to accommodate the signs and emblems of various empires which controlled Bosnian Territories.

Bosnia Flag Image


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Bosnia Flag Color


Bosnian flag occupies various colors in a unique design. The primary color field is blue in which an inverted yellow right angled triangle is situated. Five full and two half stars are aligned in the hypotenuse of the inverted triangle.

Bosnia Flag Meaning


Bosnia Flag contains colors blue, yellow and white. The blue is associated with the Europe while the combination of three colors is associated with Bosnia in general. The triangle represents the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The three points represents the three communities of people. The stars signify Europe and are shown as infinite in number.

Bosnia Flag Emoji


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