Bolivia Flag : Meaning of Bolivia Flag

Bolivia is a country in South America. It is bordered by Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina, Chile and Peru. It has a population of about 11.2 million people which lives in the 27th largest land area in the world. The country was a former Spanish colony which it remained till the establishment of republic in 1815. Over the 18th and 19th century, it lost many territories to surrounding countries in different wars. The country remained peaceful till 1971, when a coup took place and a major civil war took place. The country became a fully democratic country in 1978. The capital of Bolivia is Sucre.

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Bolivia Flag


Bolivia flag involves a tricolor design with three primary colors red, yellow and green. The red is in the upper part, yellow in lower while green is in the lowest part. The civil and state flag differ slightly, as the civil version does not have the coat of arms in it while the state flag has it. The current flag was adopted in October 31, 1851. The proportion of the flag is 15:22. The country has also an naval flag despite being a landlocked one.

Bolivia Flag Color


Bolivia Flag consists of three primary colors of red, yellow and green. The coat of arms is also present in the middle. Different variants are used by different bodies with a version named Wiphala , widely used in the Qulla Suyu Province. The flag contains a haze of yellow, red, violet, indigo and dark green.

Bolivia Flag Image



Let’s have a look at the Bolivian Flag Image so that we can understand about the flag more clearly.

Bolivia Flag Meaning


Bolivia Flag has three colors which depicts various meanings. The red represents the bloodshed during the birth and preservation of republic. Yellow represents the wealth and resources of the country. Green represents the richness of land, its fertility and hope of the citizens for a better future. Aside from the above meanings yellow also represents the mineral deposits, a important natural resource found in Bolivia.

Bolivia Flag Emoji


Well after every discussion of a particular flag, I present you an Emoji. So here it is. The Bolivian Flag Emoji.


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