Benin Flag : Meaning of Benin Flag

Benin is a country in the West Africa. It is bordered by Togo to the west, Nigeria to the East, Burkina Faso and Niger to the north. It has a population of about 10.87 million. The country is in tropical region, hence it is heavily dependent on the Agriculture and products related Agriculture make a huge portion of its GDP. The government is a republican and has its capital at Porto-Novo.

Benin Flag


Benin Flag is the official civil and state ensign of the Benin. It was first adopted in 1975 and was intended to replace the French flag. Until then French tricolor was being used and Belize didn’t have any own flag. The flag remained till 1975, when the new regime adopted a flag containing green field with a single red star in its canton. After the revolutions of 1989, when the new government was formed it adopted the pre- 1975 flag. The current flag contains the primary colors of green, yellow and red. There is a single vertical green band at the hoist side and two horizontal bands of yellow and red at the flag side. The respective proportions are 2:3.

Benin Flag Color


Benin Flag Color consists of a green vertical band along with two horizontal bands of yellow and red. The single green band is at the hoist side and horizontal bands in the flag side.

Benin Flag Image


Benin Flag is made of three colors and quite colorful to the eye. Here I have posted an image to give an idea how colorful it looks.

Benin Flag Meaning


The flag colors have various cultural, political and religious meanings. The yellow and green represent the savannah and palm groves while the red denotes the bloodshed for the Dahomey. The colors hold another ethical meaning where these represent Pan-Africanist movement.

Benin Flag Emoji


After every discussion about flags, I give you an Emoji. This time I present you with a Benin Flag Emoji.


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