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Belgium is a country in Western Europe having an area of about 30,500 square kilometers. It is bordered by France, Germany, Netherlands and Luxembourg. It has an estimated population of around 11 million. It is a developed country and has one of the highest human Development Index for a country of its size. Its per capita income is one of the highest among the European countries and historically was one of the main centers for industrial revolution. It was a colonial power, and colonies in Africa. During the late 20th century it was a founding member of European Union and now is the center for various world institutions. It gained independence from Netherlands in 1839. The country now follows a parliamentary democracy and is considered as one of the pioneer of democratic revolution. The capital of this country is Brussels, a major industrial and cultural hub in Europe.

More about the Belgium Flag is discussed below.

Belgium Flag


The Belgium Flag is the official flag of the Belgium. The flag consists of three vertical bands with three primary colors black, yellow and red. It is in a tricolor design and has colors black in the first band, yellow in the second and finally red in the third. The national flag and the civil versions are same but there is a difference in size. The state ensign has an additional coat of arms in the middle band. The standard sizes for the national flag are in the ratio of 13:15. The current flag was first adopted in 23rd January 1831.

The design for the current flag has been inspired from various designs. Originally, the Belgian flags were had two stripes. But during the Spanish occupation, red and yellow colors were added. Later when the Austrian rule took place, and Austrian colors were imposed and people began to use the designs of French flag i.e. a tricolor as a sign of revolt and finally red, yellow and black were accepted.

Belgian Flag Color


Belgian flag consists of three vertical bands of black, yellow and red color. It follows a tricolor design which is inspired from French along with colors which were taken from Spanish Flag.

Belgian Flag Image


Belgian Flag has incorporated various features of different flags which reflect in its appearance. The colors are of Spanish origin while the layout is French. I have presented you a Belgium Flag Image to see the similarities yourself.

Belgian Flag Meaning


The primary colors red, black and yellow give a unique recognition to the Belgium Flag. The colors are chosen to represent the Independent status of Belgium. The colors are derived from the coat of arms where the black represents shield, gold shows lion and red represents the lion’s teeth and tongue.

Belgian Flag Emoji


So Belgian Flag is a type of flag that combines all the features of other flags. It represents a nation who was one of the founding members of democratic institution and principles that is prevalent today. I have a Belgium Flag Emoji that you can use to celebrate this nations effort to give its citizen a better place and principles to the world.

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