Barbados Flag: Meaning of Barbados Flag

Barbados is a country in the Lesser Antilles region of the Caribbean. It is an island country with an estimated population of about 278,000. It was discovered by Spanish in late 15th century and later visited by the British in 1625, after which it became a British Colony. It was famous for the sugar production in the 18th century and was hub for the slave trade. In 1966, Barbados became an independent nation within the Commonwealth Realm. The capital city is Bridgetown.

The flag of Barbados is discussed below.

Barbados Flag


The Barbados Flag is the official nation flag and civil ensign of Barbados. It consists of three vertical bands with first and last bands are colored ultramarine and the middle one is colored golden. A Trident head colored black is present in the middle band. The current flag was adopted on 30th November 1966, when the island nation gained its independence (or autonomy). The dimensions of the flag are in the ratio of 2:3. This means that for every 2 units of height, the width of flag is set to 3 units.

The symbol used in the flag, black colored trident head was taken Barbados’s colonial Badge.

Barbados Flag Color


Barbados flag consists of thee vertical bands with flag side and fly side being the same color i.e. ultramarine. The middle band is colored in golden yellow. There is also a trident head present in the middle, which is black in color.

Barbados Flag Image


Barbados has a flag with a unique symbol, the black colored trident head. Want to know how it looks like? Don’t worry; I have posted here a Barbados Flag Image so that you can see yourself.

Barbados Flag Meaning


Barbados flag has a unique symbol, the head of trident in the middle band of its flag. The broken head of the trident symbolizes the Barbados Status as a former colony and now a independent realm. The three points of the trident represent the three principles of democracy which are 1) government of the people 2) government for the people and 3) government by the people.

Barbados Flag Emoji


For every country and every flag, I have posted an Emoji for you. Today, it is not any different. Here is the Barbados Flag Emoji to make your day.

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