Bangladesh Flag: Meaning of Bangladesh Flag

Bangladesh also known as the People’s Republic of Bangladesh is a country in South Asia. It is situated east of India, and bordered by several countries including Myanmar, Bhutan, Nepal and China. The country was previously known as East Pakistan and was part of the Pakistan since the Indo-Pak Independence in 1947. The East Pakistan was liberated by the Indian and Revolutionary forces in 1971 to form Bangladesh. The country today has the eighth largest population in the world, with an estimated 162 million people living in it. Bangladesh has a democratic form of government which is based on the capital city of Dhaka. Bengali is the official language.

The country’s flag, Bangladeshi Flag is discussed below.

Bangladesh Flag


Bangladesh Flag officially known as “Bangladesh Jatio Pataka” in Bengali is the official flag of Bangladesh. It was first adopted on 2nd March 1971, following the formation of Bangladesh State and independence from Pakistan. The Bangladesh Flag consists of a green field along with a red disc in the middle. The disc is situated slightly toward left. The flag follows a 3:5 proportion ratio.

The current flag was inspired the original design that was used by the student activists of Dhaka University during the year 1970. The red disc had a map of the East Pakistan which was later removed in 1972.

Bangladesh Flag Color


The Bangladesh Flag has two primary colors. The flag is covered in the green field with a red disc present in the middle. More discussion about the flag is given below.

Bangladesh Flag Image


We knew about the South Asian country Bangladesh and learned about its flag. Let’s see a picture to have an idea how it looks. It is a free image hence you can download it and use anywhere.

Bangladesh Flag Meaning


Bangladesh consists of two primary colors green and red. The background is colored green along with the red disc present in the middle. The green color which is used as a primary color in the field depicts the natural beauty of Bangladesh, its lush green fields and countryside. The red disc represents the Sun, which is rising over Bengal. The red color of the Sun symbolizes the blood of the Bengalis that were martyred during the Bangladesh Liberation War in 1971.

Bangladesh Flag Emoji


Emoji is a great way of expressing thing. Isn’t it? I have posted here a Bangladesh Flag Emoji, which you can use to express anything related to Bangladesh.

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