Bahrain Flag: Meaning of Bahrain Flag

Bahrain, also known as the Kingdom of Bahrain is a country in the Persian Gulf. It is located in the Persian Gulf situated near north eastern coast of Saudi Arabia and near to Qatar. The country is an Island country hence it is surrounded by sea at all sides. The Island nation is the third smallest nation in Asia and is officially home to 1.5 million people. The government is a constitutional monarchy and has its official capital in the city of Manama.

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Bahrain Flag

Bahrain Fag is the national ensign of the Government of Bahrain. The national Flag consists of two primary colors white and red. The white portion is in the hoist side and covers less than half area of the total flag. The red portion covers much larger area. Five white triangles are present in the hoist side pointing towards the flag side. The current flag was adopted officially on February 14, 2002.

The original Bahrain Flag, which are known to have existed, were all plain red in color. In 1820, following a treaty signed between the Bahrain and the British Empire, a white strip was added to the flag. In 1932, points where added in the design and included 28 of them. In 1972, the number was reduced to eight followed by reduction of more three in the final design. Hence the today’s flag has 5 points. The dimensions of the flag are in the ratio of 3:5.

Bahrain Flag Color


Bahrain Flag consist of white and red color. The red color is present in larger area than the white color. The White, which is present in the hoist side of the flag has five triangles that have base on the hoist side.

Bahrain Flag Image


Now let’s see, how the Bahrain Flag looks like in the real life. I have posted here a Bahamas Flag Image, so that you can see and compare it with the earlier description. The image is completely free and easy to download.

Bahrain Flag Meaning

Bahrain Flag employs the colors red and white. The primary colors don’t hold much real meaning and are only employed for uniqueness.  The 5 triangles represent the pillars of the Islam. Being an Arab Country, the flag incorporates this symbol to show the country’s association with the Muslim World.

Bahrain Flag Emoji


Bahrain Flag was discussed in detail in the previous section. Please refer to the above section for any query. Meanwhile I am here posting a beautiful Bahrain Flag Emoji that you can use.


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