Bahamas Flag : Meaning of Bahamas Flag

The Bahamas is a country in the Caribbean. It is a group of islands comprising about 700 islands and is located north of Cuba. The island is a Commonwealth Realm and has a Constitutional Monarch as the head of the government. The country was first discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1492. British occupation took place in 1718 and later it became a independent state under the commonwealth in 1973. The country has a population of about 400,000 which comprise mostly Hispanic groups. The capital is Nassau.

We learnt about the Caribbean islands of Bahamas. Let’s discuss about the Bahamas Flag in the next section.

Bahamas Flag


Bahamas Flag also known as the Bahamian Flag is the official flag and state ensign of the country of Bahamas. It was adopted on 10th July 1973, the day Bahamas attended autonomy from the United Kingdom. The current flag consists of a triband design, which involves three horizontal stripes with upper and bottom portion being aquamarine in color while the middle portion is golden in color. An additional black colored equilateral triangle is based on the hoist side of the flag. The proportions of the flag are in the ratio of 1:2, which means the width of the flag is double the length of its height.

Bahamas under the British rule used the Blue Ensign as its flag since the year 1717. At that time, Blue Ensign was slightly modified and a territorial emblem was added to the British Flag to make the Bahamas Flag. Later the flag was modified to include the Anti- Piracy operations of the Royal Navy in late 18th and early 19th century. The current flag which is being used today was officially conceived by incorporating various design elements that were submitted during a nationwide contest for flag design during the early years after independence.

Bahamas Flag Color


Bahamas Flag consist of a triband design with four primary colors being used. The color aquamarine is used in the top and bottom bands while the gold is used in the middle. An equilateral triangle of black color is based on the left side i.e. at the hoist side of the flag.

Bahamas Flag Image


Bahamas Flag was discussed in the upper section. We got to know about the country as well as its history and association with UK. I have posted a Bahamas Flag Image to show me. It’s a free image, so you can download it if you like.

Bahamas Flag Meaning


Bahamas Flag has follows a triband design along with an equilateral triangle based on the hoist side. According to the Government of Bahamas, the black color used in the equilateral triangle shows the force of united Bahamas people and the orientation of triangle, which points to the body of rest of the flag, represents the determination of Bahamas People to develop the resources that they have inherited. The resources mentioned here are Sun and Sea, described using the colors gold and aquamarine respectively.

Bahamas Flag Emoji


Well it’s the end, and here is the time for an Emoji. I am here with a beautiful Bahamas Flag Emoji that you can use. Download, share, do anything. It’s free.



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