Pakistan Flag : Meaning of Pakistan Flag

Pakistan is a country located in South Asia. It has the fifth largest population on earth amounting to about 213 million people. It is surrounded by Afghanistan, China, Iran, Oman, and India. It was a part of main Indian subcontinent along with Bangladesh and was ruled over by the British for approximately 200 years. Pakistan […]

Djibouti Flag : Meaning of Djibouti Flag

Djibouti also known officially as the Republic of Djibouti is a country in Africa. It is bordered by Eritrea, Ethiopia, and Somalia. The population is estimated to be just below a million. The country was part of Kingdom of Aksum. It was made a French colony in the late 19th century followed till 1977, when […]

Denmark Flag : Meaning of Denmark Flag

Denmark is a country in northern Europe. It is a kingdom comprising the mainland of Denmark, Faroe Islands, and Greenland. Denmark consists of the mainland, Jutland and a group of 445 islands. The population is about 5.78 million. Established as the Kingdom of Denmark in the 10th century, it came under the Kalmar union in […]

Czechia Flag : Meaning of Czechia Flag

The Czech Republic is also known as Czechia is a country in Europe. It is bordered by Germany, Austria, Slovakia, and Poland. The country has an estimated population of around 10.6 million which lives about 79,000 square kilometers of area. The country was first formed in the late 9th century as Duchy of Bohemia under […]

Cyprus Flag : Meaning of Cyprus Flag

Cyprus is an island country in the Mediterranean Sea. It is surrounded by Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Egypt, and Greece. Since the first human settlement, it has been ruled by several rulers and dynasties. It was placed under British rule in 1878 and was made a British colony in 1918. It was granted independence in […]

Curacao Flag : Meaning of Curacao Flag

Curacao is an island country lying north of South American coast in the Caribbean Sea. It is about 65 kilometers from the coast of Venezuela.  It was formerly part of a common colony under the rule of Netherlands. It gained autonomy in 10th October 2010 and is now an independent country in the Kingdom of […]

Cuba Flag : Meaning of Cuba Flag

Cuba is an island country in the Caribbean Sea. It includes the main island and several surrounding islands. Cuba lies south of the American State of Florida and north of Jamaica. Cuba covers the largest island in the Caribbean Sea and an estimated 11 million people live on it. Cuba was a colony of Spain […]

Croatia Flag : Meaning of Croatia Flag

Croatia is a country in Europe with an estimated population of about 4 million. The country has a majority of Christian Religion and follows a democratic government. The first Kingdom was established in the year 925, from when it remained as an independent kingdom till its union with Hungary in 1102.  Later the kingdom got […]

Costa Rica Flag : Meaning of Costa Rica Flag

Costa Rica is a country situated in Central America. It has boundaries with Nicaragua, Panama, and Ecuador. The country is surrounded by the oceans on either side as the Pacific Ocean lies in its left while the Caribbean Sea lies on the right. The country has a population of around 4.9 million. The country was […]

Congo Flag : Meaning of Congo Flag

Congo can be used to depict any of the two countries of South Africa. The first can be the Democratic Republic of Congo and the second one is the Republic of Congo. The Democratic Republic of Congo is larger of the two and has more population than the Republic of Congo at 75 million compared […]