Kiribati Flag : Meaning of The Kiribati Flag

A flag is the official symbol of the country which is made of a squared designed piece of cloth and represents a country with its distinctive symbol of the flag. Every country which is independent holds its own flag and this flag often depicts the true meaning of the concerned country, in many aspects. In […]

Guatemala Flag : Meaning of Guatemala Flag

“PABELLON NACIONAL” the flag of Guatemala is featured with two colors namely sky blue and white depicting the image of Guatemala in two aspects. The flag has three equal vertical bands of two colors placed alternately. The first strip is light blue (which is the hoist side) in color while the second is white and […]

Flag Of Jordan : Meaning Of Jordan Flag

Flags are the official representations for their respective countries and, the flags are not just random designed piece of clothes in the squared designed shapes. Rather the flags are something which not only depict the countries, but also depicts the base of any country, on which such country is actually built upon. It includes the […]

Italy Flag: Meaning Of Italy Flag

A flag is the official symbol of the representation for any country. All the countries in the world if they are fully independent have their own respective symbol of a flag. If we talk about the flag it is fabric clothing made a squared shape piece of cloth, which has some kind of design in […]

Israel Flag: Meaning of Israel Flag

A flag is the official representation of a country before the world. A flag in general and in the real terms is a piece of clothe that may be fabric or of other type, which has a certain design and a shape generally a square and is painted with the certain choice of colors. A […]

Ireland Flag: Meaning of Ireland Flag

Ireland is an island in the North Atlantic. Northern Ireland is the part of the United Kingdom. Subtraction of the Northern Ireland from the United Kingdom will give us the Great Britain. According to a report the population of Ireland was about 6.6 million. It is the second most populous island in Britain after the […]

Iraq Flag: Meaning of Iraq Flag

Iraq is the country in Asia. The capital city of Iraq is Baghdad and the country with the population of 34,035,000 according to report in 2012. The GDP of the Iraq $7,004 according to a report by IMF, with the total area of 438,317  km2  and the currency of the Iraq is Iraqi dinar. Iraq […]

Iran Flag: Meaning of Iran Flag

Any country is basically the representation of people residing there and the people residing there represents the country. Flag of a nation represents both the country as well as the people residing there, not only limited to people the flag also represents the culture, the basic habitat, natural resources etc. Iran Flag Iran officially the […]

Guyana Flag: Meaning of Guyana Flag

Guyana, the beautiful country is located in the north eastern side of South America. The present day Guyana is the reflection of the British and Dutch colonial. This is the only English speaking country of South America. Guyana gained its independence in the year of 1966, so when most of the countries were trying to […]

Iceland Flag: Meaning of Iceland Flag

Iceland is an island country in the North Atlantic. The population of Iceland is 348,850 with an area of 103,000 km2  ,this make Iceland the most sparsely populated country in Europe. Any country flag dignifies the pride of that country. It is the symbol of the unity that has been shown through the flag. It […]