Austria Flag: Meaning of Austria Flag

Austria or Republic of Austria is a country in Central Europe. The country is surrounded by Czech Republic and Germany to the North, Hungary and Slovakia to the east, Slovenia and Italy to the south and Switzerland to the west. It is a landlocked country and has no reachable sea in its land. It became a republic in 1918 and joined the European Union in 1955.  Once a great power in the Europe during 17th and 18th century, it now is one of the biggest cultural center in Europe. The capital city is Vienna, a major tourist spot in Europe.

We knew about the Austria. Let’s have a discussion about Austria Flag in next section.

Austria Flag


Austria Flag or Austria Flag is the official flag of Austria. The flag contains three Stripes and has two colors. The top and bottom are colored red while the middle portion is white. The Civil flag (just described) is used by the civil bodies and the navy while a slightly modified version containing  an additional symbol known as “Coat of Arms of Austria” is used by the state and government. The flag dimensions are in the ratio of 2:3. The current flag was officially adopted in 1918. The coat of arms includes a black colored eagle with spread wings and a plate showing the mini version of Austrian flag. There is a story that describes how the colors were selected. It goes like this. Once the Duke of Austria got injured during a battle. After the battle, when he removed his coat the it was colored red with blood. But when he removed the belt, he found that it is unchanged. Later, he adopted the red and white strip design on the flag..

The coat of arms is based on the Babenberg Dynasty in the 13th century.

Austrian Flag Image


Austria and Austrian flag was described in the above section. We learnt about the history of Austria and its location. Let’s see the Austrian Flag ourselves. I have posted a Austrian flag Image you can download.

Austria Flag Color


The Austrian Flag is made up of two colors red and white. There is a symbol known as coat of arms present in the middle white part. The flag flown by the general public is slightly different as middle emblem is absent.

Austria Flag Meaning


Austria Flag contains colors red and white along with the Austrian Coat of Arms. The Red and White strips are generally associated with the above described story involving Duke of Austria. Other general meaning is that the red represents the bloodshed in various wars fought by Austrian Soldiers and white as the peace and hope that the country is witnessing today.

Austria Flag Emoji


Every time I write about a country, I post an associated flag Emoji. This time, it is no different as I have some Austria Flag Emoji for you. Download, share, do whatever you like, because it’s free.

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